Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving At Susan's House

Hello future readers,

I had a really super Thanksgiving! My mom and I watched the parade and ate French toast and hot cocoa. I liked the Underdog balloon and the Tom Turkey float.  (Underdog is an older cartoon I used to watch when I was a little kid). My mom didn't cook this year, because we were going to eat at Susan's house! We walked over at 4 o'clock. The house smelled delicious and Mrs. Hormsby (Susan's mom), had the kids' table all set.

Susan and Raychel came running in from Susan's room. Raychel was of course, the first one there, because Susan and Raychel's families share a duplex.

 Mrs. Shaunessy (Raychel's mom) had been there all day helping Susan's mom cook, and Raychel had been there playing.

Susan had invited some of us in school last week. Kim and Bridget and their families showed up first.

I know that because Lisa, me and my mom came in right behind them.

We rapped awhile and then Susan's mom announced it was time to eat.

Each of us took a turn and said what we were thankful for.

"I'm  thankful I can have some of my best friends here to share this day."

"I'm thankful that my grandma's feeling better and that my mom and dad let me come here today."

"I'm thankful for a groovy town like Springfield, where everybody knows everybody and we're all safe."

"I'm thankful for all of this yummy food we're about to eat."

"I'm thankful for my mom and that I'm doing better in Math."

And then at last it was time to eat! And Kim was right, it was all so yummy!

And then it was time for dessert! 3 kinds of pie,  and ice-cream! Outta site!

I love cherry pie!

Everything was so good, and I had such a groovy time. Before we left, I gave Susan a big hug!

I have so much to be thankful for! And I hope people are still thankful for what they have in the future.

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. How nice of her to invite all of you! Sounds like everyone had a lot to be grateful for.

    I used to watch Underdog too!

    1. I know Susan wanted to invite more people, but her mom said no, and anything, most of our friends had other plans. But wow, was that dinner delicious!

    2. OOPS! I meant anyway, not anything! HAHA!

  2. Hi Julie,
    You will be happy to know that people in 2016 are thankful for the same things that you are thankful for -- family, friends, food, freedom. And we still watch the Macy's parade. 2016 marked the 90th birthday of the parade!
    Your future friend,

  3. Hi Julie,
    I love your dress! Mom and Dad and I were invited to dinner at my Aunt and Uncle Jordan's house. I got to play with my cousin Gardner (Gard for short). It wasn't too cold outside so we raked up a huge piles of leaves that was as tall as us and then jumped in them. It was so much fun. We worked up such an appetite that we really enjoyed our dinner. We both were allowed to have a turkey leg so we pretended we were Fred Flintstone as we chowed down. Our parents didn't mind as long as we were polite cavemen and used our napkins.
    Your pen pal and forever friend,

    1. Hi Vivienne!

      Wow, that sounds like fun. I'm laughing about the Flintstone bit. I don't think I could even finish a turkey leg!

  4. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving. People in the future still love watching the parade. I love the floats, too.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    If you would like to see what we are thankful for, please check out our blog.

    Melodie and Morgan

    1. I'm glad people in the future can still watch the Macy's Parade. It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it!

  5. What a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!

  6. What a great feast! I am glad you all took time to share what you are grateful for. That is the most important part of Thanksgiving - even more than turkey!

    1. I know that, but sometimes it's hard to remember with all that good food on the table!