Monday, January 30, 2017

Jumps and Hoops For Our Community Center

Hello future readers,

For the past 2 weeks, us kids have been all over town collecting pledges to raise money to buy new sports equipment for the Community Center. It's a really big deal. The City Council will match all the money we make. That means if we make $50, they'll give us another $50! Isn't that outta site? The boys were gonna shoot hoops and the girls were gonna jump rope. So this Saturday, we all met in the gym at the Community Center, and Shante' explained the rules, (since her dad is the director).

Everyone was gonna work in 2 minute rotations. That meant we'd each have 2 minutes to shoot hoops or jump, before the next person got their turn. (Mr. Crawford didn't want us to get too worn out!) The boys would get a point for every basket they made. Since counting jumps is kinda hard, the girls would get 5 points for jumping for 2 minutes straight without making a mistake. Our pledges were gonna pay by the point. I was so excited! I really wanted to do a super job and gets lotsa points!

 Stephanie and Melody would keep score. Danny, Jason and Kyle would shoot hoops, and me, Shante', Susan, Bridget, Robyn and Kim would jump rope. Shante' was up first for the girls, and Kyle was up first for the boys. But the guys would have to switch up more than we would, 'cos there's only 3 of them and there's 6 of us girls.

"Cinderella, dressed in yella, went upstairs to kiss a fella. Made a mistake and kissed a snake, How many doctors will it take?"

"Eevy, Ivy, Over. Here comes the teacher with the big fat stick. I wonder what she's got for arithmetic?"

"Oh my, I wanna piece of pie. The pie's too sweet, I wanna a piece of meat. The meat's too red, I wanna piece of bread. The bread's too brown, I have to go to town. The town's too far, gotta take the car. The car's too slow, I almost broke my toe. My toe's got a pain, gotta take the train. The train was a wreck and I almost broke my neck. Oh my, I wanna piece of pie....."

We all took turns shooting and jumping for about an hour and a half 'til Shante' finally called "Time!"

Water break! Jumping rope makes me really thirsty!

After everyone got a drink, we all gathered around to see how many points everyone got.

I only jumped for 3 turns without messing up. But that's still 15 points. From all the pledges I got, that's almost $30! WOW! We're gonna be able to get some groovy equipment when we put all our money together! Mr. Crawford was so happy, he offered to treat us all to sodas and french fries at Sam's Snack Shack! Far out!

I'm really proud of all of us. We raised money for the Community Center, got a lot of exercise and had a lotta fun! I'd say that adds up to a pretty dynamite day! Do people still do stuff to raise money for school and their community in the future? Maybe you don't use money anymore and have everything you need. But if you still do, I hope you raise lotsa money for other people who might not have everything they need.

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Hi Julie,
    Yes, there is still a lot of fundraising going on in 2017 almost everywhere you look; schools, sports teams, church mission projects, the arts, etc. My grandson is doing a jump rope fundraiser for the American Heart Association. It is called, "Jump Rope for the Heart". I wonder what his little ditty will be? One I remember from my childhood required each jumper to use a letter from the alphabet to fill in the nouns in all the blanks. For instance, if the letter was "A" she had to say "A" my name is Anna and my husband's name is Allan and I come from Alabama to sell apples. The next jumper would have to use "B" and so might say "B" my name is Bonnie and my husband's name is Bill and I come from Boston to sell bananas. It was always tough if you got "Q" or "X". If you messed up the rhythm, you were out. Are you familiar with that one?
    Your future friend,

    1. Hi Fawn,

      I'm glad people still raise money for people who need it. I hope your grandson has good luck with his jump rope contest. Do count the jumping every 2 minutes like we did? *giggle* I think you asked me that question once before about that "A my name is Anna" song. We do that song, but not for jump rope. we do it with a ball and for every word that starts with your letter, you have to bounce it under your leg. If you miss your turn is over and the next kid has to do your letter. Maybe you can teach your grandkids that way.

    2. Hi Julie,
      Sorry for repeating myself. You have a great memory! I used to when I was your age, but in 2017, not so much.

  2. You guys were awesome! When I was in school, we raised money for one of our clubs by having a "Rockathon". But no, it didn't involve music, instead we all had to rock in rocking chairs! People paid so much per hour that we rocked, it was fun. We raised enough money for what we needed too, that was the best part.

    1. Thanks Flo,

      A Rockathon sounds like fun! Did anyone rock so hard they flipped over backwards? *giggle*

  3. That is so cool. There are still lots of fundraisers in the future. We've sold fruit before for our sister's track team.

    Please check out our blog. Our younger sister Lexi posted for the first time and we also talked about what we're up to

    Good luck with your fundraiser. Please tel us how much money you earned total.

    Melodie and Morgan

    1. Thanks Melodie,

      It's nice to know people still raise money for things in the future.

  4. Hi Julie! Good job you guys! I am so proud of you all helping to raise money for a good cause. I really liked hearing your jump-rope ditties, they were new ones to me. I used to love jumpimg rope in school,but I only remember, "Cinderella, dressed in yella, went upstairs to kiss her fella, by mistake she kissed a snake, how many doctors did it take, 1, 2...."

    1. Thanks Brenda,

      It was lotsa fun. Shante' jumped to Cinderella. I don't think the boys liked our jump rope songs very much, 'cos Danny said (real loud)"Why do girls always have to sing when they're jumping rope?" I told him, "We just do, that's all". Mr. Crawford said Danny should keep his comments to himself, and be a good sport.