Sunday, March 19, 2017

A St. Patrick's Day Joke

Hello future readers!

I hope all of you had a good St. Patty's Day. Mine was.....well.......interesting. Let me clue you in.

First of all, all of the 4th graders remembered to wear green, so no one go pinched! Since Friday is test day at our school, Miss LaSalle and Mrs. Johnson gave us our tests in the morning, so we could have our parties in the afternoon. Right on!  After our Math test, we went down to the lunchroom. Both classes were sitting in the 4th grade section.

We opened our lunches and started rapping and swapping sandwiches and stuff like that.

We didn't know it at the time, but Jason was about to play a joke on one of us.

"Hey Danny...see this toy snake?"

"I'm gonna put it in Kim's lunchbox when she's not looking."

"Hey man, I don't think you should do that", Danny said.

"Yeah, Jason. Kim will blow her top and give it to you, but good", Kyle added.
"Nah.. she'll probably scream and swat me, but that's all. I'm gonna do it."

So Jason put the snake in Kim's lunchbox and waited.

Kim was sitting next to me drinking her pink lemonade. She reached into her lunchbox for her sandwich and shrieked, spilling her lemonade all over her face!

"EEEEEEEKKKK!" *sputter, choke*

Jason just looked at her and laughed.

I gave Kim my extra napkin to wipe off her face.

"Jason you turkey!" Kim yelled. "If I catch you alone today, you're really gonna get creamed!"

"How do you know it was me?" Jason asked, trying to act all innocent.
"Because you're the only one who plays dumb jokes on everybody", I answered.

"That was a really crummy thing to do, Jason", said Kim. "You're lucky I didn't get any lemonade on my clothes, or  I'd have to really pound you!" Jason took the toy snake out of Kim's lunchbox.

"Wow Jason, how dumb can you get?" Shante' asked.
"That was a really dirty trick", said Susan, giving Jason the "stink-eye".

"Geez! What's everybody getting so sore about? It was just a stupid toy snake! Here I'll give you my green cupcake my dad got me for St. Patrick's Day! Will that make you happy?"
"Well, I guess it's a start", said Kim. "But what I really want is an apology".
"Oh OK, I'm sorry I made you spill your drink on yourself."
"And no more stupid tricks?"
"All right, no more stupid tricks."

"You gonna let him off the hook that easy?", I asked Kim giving her my extra Twinkie.
"Maybe...if he carries my books home from school today", she answered, shooting Jason a wicked smile.

Jason just sighed. He knew he was licked. "OK, I'll carry your books home.", he mumbled.
"Never mess with a girl, Jason", Kim told him. " 'Cos we'll make you pay!"
"Man, don't I know it!", he mumbled again.

Do kids still play dumb practical jokes in the future? I think it will be a long time before Jason pulls one on Kim again! Happy (late) St. Patrick's Day!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Oh yes, not only do kids play stupid jokes on each other in the future, so do grown ups! I can think of one at my office involving a fake snake, hee hee! At least he did say he was sorry. Rather ironic though, a snake on St. Patrick's day!

    1. Wow, even grown-ups still pull that toy snake bit in the future? I guess some things never change! And I'm not sure, but I think Jason planned the GREEN snake on St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Hi Julie,
    Oh dear, it looks like Kevin has been a bad influence!
    Your future friend,

    1. *giggle* Nah, Jason was a goofball long before he even met Kevin. (Remember Three Finger Willy? That was Jason's idea!) I don't know what it is about boys that makes them wanna play dopey jokes on us girls!

  3. Yes Julie kids still play practical jokes in the future. I think boys particularly like to play jokes. My grandma said boys do this because they like girls but don't know how to show it in nice ways. Hmm, I don't know grandma!

    1. Jason plays jokes on everybody, even the boys. There are days where we all wanna pound him, but for the most part, he's actually pretty groovy. (for a boy, I mean).