Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Boy In The Park

Hello future readers!

On Saturday after the cartoons were over, I called up Lisa to see if she wanted to have a picnic in the park. She said yes, so I packed up a lunch and walked to her house. She grabbed a blanket and we walked to Springfield Park. We looked around for a good place to lay our stuff out.

We found a great place under a tree and set up. I brought ham and cheese sandwiches, apples, chocolate chip cookies, and 2 cans of orange punch.

I was a really groovy day. The sun was shining and there was a warm breeze blowing. Even though it's Spring, it felt like Summer was just around the corner. Lisa and I ate and rapped about this past week at school. Then from behind me I could hear yelling and laughing. Danny and Kyle came running up from the other side of the park, flying their toy airplanes. They almost ran right over our picnic!

"Hey why don't you turkeys look where you're going?!" I called after them. Boys! Lisa and I were almost finished, when she looked over by the tree and saw someone standing there.

"Hey Julie, who's that?", Lisa asked, nodding towards the tree. I looked over and saw a boy, about our age that I'd never seen before.
"I dunno", I answered.
"I'm gonna find out who he is", she told me as she jumped up. She ran over to where he was leaning up against the tree.

"Hi, I'm Lisa. What's your name?"
"Marc", he answered.
"Groovy day, isn't it?"
"Yeah, I guess so."
"Are you new in town?", she asked him.
"Yeah, we just moved here from Texas", he replied.

"Far out. Springfield's a super place to live.  My friend Julie and I were just over here having a picnic."
"That's cool."
Then I came running up.

Lisa introduced us. "Marc, this is my friend, Julie. Hey Julie, Marc just moved here from Texas."
"Outta site! It's nice to meet you, Marc."
"Nice, to meet you too, Julie."  He had an accent that made him sound kinda like a cowboy. I thought it was kinda neat.
"Hey Marc, we were just finishing up our picnic. Do you want a cookie? It's chocolate chip."

"Thanks", he said taking the cookie. "That's my favorite kind."

"Say who were those 2 guys that ran past here a little bit ago?", he wanted to know.
"Oh those are our friends, Danny and Kyle", Lisa told him. "They're usually not so rude, but they forget everything and everyone when they're running around."
"Speaking of Danny and Kyle", I began, "I better clean up our picnic stuff, before they come running this way again."
I went over to the blanket and started to put away the plates and the food.

And then suddenly a blue toy airplane landed in my cooler bag.

I pulled it out as Kyle came running up to me, all out of breath.

I just rolled my eyes and looked up at him. "Is this yours?"
"Whoops, sorry Julie", Kyle said, taking his plane back. "Say, who's that guy talking to Lisa?"
"His name is Marc, He's new in town." Then Danny came running up.

"Marc, this is Danny, and that's Kyle", Lisa said.
"Hey Danny, hi Kyle. What's happening?" Marc asked.
"Wow, that's a cool accent", Danny said. "Where are you from?"
"Texas. We just moved here 2 days ago."

"So how do you like Springfield so far?", Kyle asked Marc.
"Well I haven't seen much of it, yet. I've been too busy unpacking."
"I know how that goes", said Danny. "It was the same for me when I moved here from San Diego."
"And when I came here from Laguna Beach", Kyle added.
"And for me when I moved here from Florida", Lisa said giggling.
"Hey now, were any of you actually born here?" Marc wanted to know.
"I was!" I piped up. "I'm a Springfield girl, all the way." Everyone laughed.

"So what kinda stuff do you like to do, Marc? Danny asked.
"Oh I like riding my skateboard,  shooting hoops, playing with cars and action guys, and reading comic books."
"Man, you are gonna fit right in!" Kyle said with a smile.

"Hey, wanna see my plane?" Danny asked.
"Cool", Marc answered.

Lisa and I stashed our stuff under a nearby tree and asked the guys if they wanted to play tag

. Of course they wanted to. The boys always jump at the chance to chase us girls.  So Danny and Kyle stashed their planes with our stuff, and we all put our feet in to pick who was it.

After a couple of go-arounds with "Engine Engine Number 9" and "Eeny Meenie" , Marc was the one who was it!

"5....4....3....2...1, scatter!" he yelled. First he chased after Danny and Kyle....

....but he couldn't catch 'em, so he went after me and Lisa!

He finally caught me and I was it. We had a super time. By the time I got home, I was pooped! But it was a groovy day, and we all made a new friend! I think Marc is really gonna dig Springfield.

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. So fun. Marc seems like a nice guy. I bet Danny, Jason and Kyle are excited to have another guy around.

    I love your outfit. It is finally getting warm outside here, and we're all enjoying the nice weather.


    1. Hi Morgan,

      Yeah, the boys are pretty happy about Marc moving into the neighborhood. I heard Danny say that it'll make some things easier. Like playing basketball, 'cos now they can have teams. And playing action guys, 'cos there can be 2 good guys and 2 bad guys. And sometimes when just 2 boys wanna get together, they don't have to feel that they're leaving the other boy out. (But Jason was with his dad at his uncle's house when we met Marc!).

  2. It's always fun to meet new people. Welcome to Springfield Marc! It will be fun to see what kind of adventures the boys get into now with a fourth.

    1. Yeah, but this could mean trouble for us girls. What if he's a worse practical joker than Jason? And now there's one more boy to chase us around the playground at school! But maybe the boys will be so busy hanging out with each other, they won't have time for us girls. that a good thing, or not?

  3. Hi Julie,
    I know Marc is going to love Springfield. Who wouldn't? Springfield has the friendliest kids and the grooviest teachers. And there is always something fun to do. It won't take long for him to fit right in.
    Your future friend,

    1. Springfield is a pretty far out place to live, isn't it? I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I'm sure Marc is gonna love it here.

  4. Dear Julie,
    CJ and I are happy to see that Danny and Kyle like their airplanes. Do they fly as far and straight as their packaging says? Sometimes toys don't work as well as advertised. Once my dad got us a Styrofoam airplane that worked great at the mall, but not so good in our backyard. We were very disappointed.
    Fingers crossed,

    1. Well Kevin,

      I don't think those planes fly so straight, considering Kyle's plane landed in my picnic cooler bag. But it's a bummer when toys don't work as good as they do in the TV commercials. That's happened to me a few times.

  5. Hi BFF,
    You are so lucky to get to go on picnics already. Spring is definitely on its way here in WV but not warm enough to sit on the ground on a blanket. It has been raining a lot and you would get a wet bottom.
    P.S. You tell those boys to be nice to Marc. No practical jokes until he gets to know them better.

    1. BFF? Does that stand for big funny feet? HAHAHA! It's been super warm here, almost like we skipped Spring and went right into summer! And we had a ton of rain last month! Thank goodness for plenty of kids around to play with and the Community Center!

  6. Oh, I forgot, did Marc say who his favorite action figure was?

    1. I don't know that yet, but I'm sure the boys will tell you the next time they write to you guys.

  7. I'm so glad that you made Marc feel welcomed! I moved almost ever year of my childhood and was always the new girl in class. Because of that, whenever I see someone alone, I go talk to them and try to get to know them!

    1. Wow Linda, I'm sorry you have to move around so much. That must have really been a drag. But the good thing is it's made you a really groovy person, 'cos you don't want other people to feel like "the new kid".

  8. It's so awesome you and your friends have brought Marc into your group! It's hard for new kids. Sometimes they get picked on. I think he'll be great with your crew.

    Hey, speaking of you ever watch Room 222? They are playing the show today and we're really liking it. A lot of great lessons and an groovy cast! That Bernie is cool. Mr. Dixon, I want him as a teacher.

    1. When Jennifer first moved here and started picking on me (because she was jealous of me) Danny told her off, and Sunny said she'd tell all the 4th grade girls not to speak to her again. Most of my friends who moved here from other places know what it's like to be the new kid, and don't believe in picking on people.

      I love Room 222! Mr. Dixon's a groovy teacher and all the kids are far out! And I think Ritchie's kinda cute!

    2. Very nice! You have a super far out crew.

      Xyra told me one of the reasons she went to school for teaching was because of Miss Johnson on Room 222. I really like Bruno. :)

  9. Julie, your Pepsi cooler is far out! Our favorite soda from the 70s is 'Grampa Graf's'

    1. Grampa Graf's? What a funny name! I've never heard of it. What flavor soda is that, anyway? My favorite soda is Purple Passion. It's getting harder to find now, 'cos they made more of it a few years ago. I also like Nehi, Blue Sky and Tahitian Treat.

  10. Welcome to Springfield Marc! It's great that Marc met you and your friends. It's so hard making friends in a new place.

    1. Marc is fitting right in with all of us, especially the boys. He thinks Springfield is a groovy place to live, too!