Sunday, July 16, 2017

Far Out! I'm Gonna Visit Vivienne Again!

Hello future readers!

I'm SO excited! I get to go to West Virginia again! Lemme tell ya how it happened.

It's been really hot here in Springfield, so yesterday, I didn't really feel like going outside, so I just stayed home, hung out in my room and played records.

My mom knocked on my door and told me I had a letter from Vivienne! All right!

I love it when I get mail from her. It's so much fun having a pen pal!

I opened the envelope and found a letter and a plane ticket! Outta site!

Here's what the letter said:

Holy smokes! This plane ticket has Monday's date on it. That's in 2 days!

My mom poked her head back in the door.
"Are you surprised?", she asked, smiling.
"Am I ever!", I answered. "Did you know about this, Mom?"
"Yes, Mrs. Walton and I talked about it 2 weeks ago.  We agreed that Vivienne's parents would pay for you to visit this time, and then when Vivienne comes to see you, I'd buy her ticket."
I jumped up and hugged her. "Vivienne and I have the most dynamite parents in the whole world."
"OK, stop all this hugging, and get packing. You leave the day after tomorrow."
She went downstairs to go start dinner. I put my records and record player away, and got my camp bag from out of the closet.

I must have packed and unpacked at least 5 times! I know I wouldn't need much, because Vivienne and I like to share clothes, but I wanted to make sure to take just the right things.

Man, it's gonna be so much fun seeing Vivienne and her parents. I really love her mom and dad, and how they treat me just like a member of their family. And it'll be great to see Betta, and the other kids too. (Even Turkey Kevin, C,J, and Little G). I guess I'll tell my other friends about this trip after church tomorrow, so they won't think I've been captured by aliens or something! *giggle*

So future readers, my next post will be from Falling Waters, West Virginia! YIPPEE!

Until then,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. As John Denver would sing, "I'm leaving on a jet plane..."
    Looking forward to reading all about your trip.

    1. Hahaha! I bet Kevin knows that song too!

  2. Hey Julie,
    Stop in and see our room while you are in town. No bugs, we promise.
    Kevin and CJ (with fingers crossed behind our backs)

    1. You better be nice to me this trip Kevin. Remember your promise! See ya soon!

  3. See you at the airport! Can hardly wait!

  4. Now that is far out! I hope you have a fantastic time visiting Vivienne and her family. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip!

  5. Safe travels! Hope you are having a great time with Vivienne! can't wait to hear about your trip and see the photos!

    1. It's been fun today, but I'm tired! I just put up my entry for today. *yawn*

  6. Replies
    1. I always have a great time in West Virginia!