Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday Mornings and Cereal Box Records

Hello future readers! Do you have a favorite day of the week? I think my favorite day is Saturday. I especially love Saturday mornings, 'cos that's when all the great cartoons are on! I wake up really early, (I even beat Boomer to the punch!)
I love to wear my super comfy Yogi Bear pajamas to watch cartoons in. They're so snuggly!
I go to the kitchen to get my cereal. During the week, I usually eat oatmeal or eggs or waffles or something like that, but Saturdays, it's sugar coated grooviness! Last week, my mom bought a box of Super Sugar Crisp, and I've had my eye on the back of the box.
It was a cereal box record of one of my favorite cartoon musical groups, The Archies. No kidding...there's actually a record made outta cardboard on the back of the box that you can play on your record player! My mom explained it to me. There's a thin coating of vinyl with grooves like a record put onto the cardboard. You can't play it as much as a real record, or you'd wear out the coating. My mom won't let me cut it out until the cereal is gone. Lucky for me, I'm gonna finish off this box this morning! My mom lets me eat on a tray in front of the T.V. in the living room, as long as I'm careful and don't spill stuff.
Saturday mornings are special, 'cos I can sit here and watch T.V. pretty much all morning long, and my mom won't tell me to shut it off or I'll ruin my eyes. My favorite cartoons are The Bugs Bunny-Road Runner Show, Scooby Doo Where Are You?, Superfriends and Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids. My favorite live action shows are The Lost Saucer, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters and Land Of The Lost. I love to sing the theme songs, and watch the funny commercials. There just seems to be a magic feeling on Saturday morning that you can't get any other time during the week. I hope kids in the future have great Saturday morning cartoons, too. At 12:30, I shut the T.V. off, clean up my dishes and get dressed. (If I had my way, I'd stay in my jammies all day, but my mom would never let me!) I take the empty cereal box into my room and cut out that record.
Sometimes, the record comes out a little bent. It won't play on the record player that way, so mom has me press it between the pages of a heavy book. One time, I forgot and left it in the encyclopedia, and I needed it to do a report for school, and there was my record, waiting for me!
I eat my lunch and come back to check on the record. It's flat enough to play! I have lotsa fun cereal box prizes; baking soda submarines, rubber band race cars, terrariums, but my favorite prizes are these records. If I get the same one twice, I can trade them with my friends, 'cos they collect them too! Hey! It's the song "Boys and Girls". I love that one!
Saturday mornings are outta site! Until next time, future readers! Your Friend, Julie Newman


  1. *Note from Julie's Mommy*

    Cereal box records really did exist in the 70s.If you wanna see one play, check out YouTube and search for "Cereal Box Records". There are videos are the commercials advertising them, and some videos of people playing them! Have fun!

  2. I remember those! I had the Archie's one too. Saturday morning cartoons aren't the same in the future, most of them are stupid. I miss the good ones. When I was growing up my favorite was "Hong Kong Phooey".

    1. Hey, I know that one! Hong Kong Phooey sounds just like Louie the Garbage Man from "Chico and the Man".

    2. Yeah, he does!! Now I have the theme song in my head-"Hong Kong Phooey, number one super guy..."

    3. ..."Hong Kong Phooey, quicker than the human eye,
      He's got style, and groovy smile and a bod that just won't stop,
      When the gooing gets rough, he's super tough
      with a Hong Kong Phooey chop! YAAAA!"

      *giggle* Merry Christmas Flo!

  3. I'm sorry to tell you this, Julie, but there are no Saturday morning cartoons on anymore. They replaced them with live action educational shows about animals! But there are TV channels that play kids shows 24-7! My favorite one is Girl Meets World on Disney Channel.

  4. What?? No Saturday morning cartoons? That's terrible! Even though it may be groovy to have channels that play kids shows on all the time, (is that what 24-7 means?), I don't know if I'd like that as much. I think that would be kinda like it was Christmas every just wouldn't be special and magical. My mom says that waiting for something special to happen is half the fun. Like when you're getting ready for Christmas! Kids in the 70s have cartoons after school, but man, we wait all week for Saturday morning cartoons!

    Disney has a channel? Hmmm...I think I'd rather see Disney movies at the movie house.