Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jennifer is driving me BANANAS!

Hello future readers!

In the continuing story of "Jennifer Bugs Julie", (I sound like one of my mom's soap operas!), here's what happened in school on Monday.

First of all, I can thank my lucky stars that Jennifer is NOT in my class! She's in Mrs. Alden's class down the hall. Even though that's good news for me, I kinda feel sorry for Robyn, April and Wendy. Maybe Jennifer doesn't get on their nerves. Anyway, that means that I'll only see her on the playground, at lunch, weekly assembly, and gym class on Fridays.

At our school, every grade has its own table in the lunchroom. We were all sitting at the 4th grade table, eating, talking and seeing who had what for lunch.

Then Jennifer comes over and announces that she'll only eat lunch with Lisa and Robyn 'cos they have hot lunches. She said at her old school only babies brought their lunch from home, and the cool kids bought hot lunches with hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza.

Was she kidding? Over half the kids in our school brought their lunches from home. I'd love to see Jennifer walk up to some 6th grader and call them a baby! She'd get creamed!
After lunch, we were out on the playground playing winners at tether ball.
I played Lisa and I won, so I had to play the next person in line. It was Jennifer. I told her that we play "palmies" and "punchies" but no "ropies". (she could punch it or smack it, but no grabbing the rope!) She agreed, and I served the ball.

I was surprised she was actually playing by the rules. Anyway, I was winning. I wrapped the rope around the pole 3 times. Then all of a sudden, Jennifer grabbed the rope, threw the ball as hard as she could around the pole and it hit me right in the mouth!

She said she was sorry, but she was so used to playing that way at her old school, that she just did it out of habit. I'll bet! More like she couldn't stand losing. She did that on purpose, I just know it. Lisa went with me to the nurse's office to get some ice. Man, if Jennifer likes her old school so much, I sure wish she'd go back there!

Later that day, I got a pass to go to the bathroom. Just as I was coming outta the stall, there was Jennifer. Is there no escape?

She said hi to me, but I just ignored her and washed my hands. Then she started bragging about how her dad was going to take her skiing for St. Patrick's Day weekend.

I knew the reason she was telling me this was because somehow she found out my dad died before I was even born. Wow, what kind of a creep do you have to be to sink so low?

When I got home after school, I fixed myself some Jiffy Pop, and went to my room. I was so happy to be  away from Jennifer, and I just needed to relax.

Then I looked and saw something on my bed propped up against the pillows.

It was a letter from Raychel! I tore it opened and started to read.

Outta site! It said that she and Susan were coming to Springfield for St. Patrick's Day weekend!

Far out! I'm gonna ask my mom if I can throw a special St. Patty's Day party to welcome them back! I'm sure she'll say yes. And you know what the best part is? Jennifer is going skiing with her dad and won't be around to ruin it! What a groovy ending to a rotten day!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Jennifer sound really mean!

    1. I think she picks on me 'cos I won't let her get away with cheating and bossing everyone around with that "We did it this way at my old school" routine. Just wait...she's gonna get hers.

  2. Poor you! I know how it feels to get a ball in the mouth! And here's some scary news: I asked my mom, and she said that I'm very distantly related to Jennifer! Yuck!

  3. Jennifer is such a meanie! I feel bad for you about getting called a baby and getting hit in teterball.Are you okay now? :)

    1. Thanks, Brittany. I'm OK now. The ice made it feel better. And I don't care if she calls me a baby. Like I said, lotsa kids bring their lunch, even 6th graders. And if they're not babies, I KNOW I'm not!

  4. Gosh, this Jennifer girl sounds mean! I bet she's just jealous that you are nice and has a lot of friends! Good luck Julie! - Kerrie

    1. Thanks Kerrie,

      I think so too. I know it must be tough being the new kid, but this is no way to make friends!

  5. the school lunches are horrible where I live. one time my friend found a FEATHER in her chicken. INSIDE the chicken. and another time this girl found a wad of hair in her soup. the cool kids at my school bring their lunches and we are going to be in 8th grade next year.

  6. EWWWW! Yuckk! At our school, the only hot lunches they have are hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza. No chicken! (thank goodness!) HAHA!