Sunday, March 17, 2013

The St. Patrick's Day Party!

Hello future readers!

Erin Go Bragh! That means "Ireland Forever" in Gaelic. That's the language that Irish people speak. I hope you all had as much fun on St. Patrick's Day as I did. (If you're still celebrating it in the future!) When I told my mom that Susan and Raychel for coming for a visit, she was more than happy to help me put together a party for them! Gotta love my mom, she's outta site! She went to Woolworth's and found a whole bunch of green party stuff! Groovy! I spent all morning setting it up!

I invited all of my friends. I was really excited for my new friends like Lisa, Robyn and April, and my old friend Wendy to meet Susan and Raychel. I knew they were going to hit it off. Raychel and Susan didn't know I was throwing a party. I wanted them to be surprised! When my friends arrived, they couldn't wait to get things grooving!

Lisa passed out the hats, Sunny served the punch, and Robyn put on a record. Stephanie was at the window, looking out for Susan and Raychel.

Stephanie came over and told me she saw Raychel and Susan walking down the block towards my house! YAY! They were almost here!

Raychel walked in first. She had a dynamite tan, and looked really pretty. I almost cried as we hugged each other. I missed her so much!

Susan came in next. I really liked the green shirt she was wearing. I was so happy my friends were back in town!

I gave them each a party hat, and told them to help themselves to the goodies. Lisa and Robyn came over and introduced themselves to Susan.

Sunny took Raychel over to meet Wendy and April. Raychel loved that they were almost dressed like twins!

Danny was really happy to see Susan and Raychel, but especially Raychel. They both love old horror movies and could spend hours talking about them.

Well, we ate, danced, sang and told funny stories until it was time to go home. Susan and Raychel couldn't stay. They both have other relatives here in Springfield they wanted to visit before they left town again. It was so hard to say good-bye all over again. (sigh) But this time, it was easier, because I know they'll be back soon, and I do have my other friends to hang out with. Before Susan and Raychel left, my mom wanted to get a group picture with all of us in our funny hats.

We looked like a bunch of leprechauns! Even though I hated to see my friends go away again, it was still super having them back here, even if only for one day. I had a really nice time at my party and I know all of my friends did, too! I hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day and great friends to celebrate with!

Until next time, future readers!
Your Friend,
Julie Newman