Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day Pool Party at Jennifer's!

Hello future readers!

Happy 4th of July! Some of you may remember there was a July 4th party at Danny's last year. Well, this year the party is at Jennifer's house. And guess what? She has a swimming pool in her backyard! Far out! She's gonna barbecue hamburgers and hot dogs all by herself! My mom would never let me do that!

Anyway, there was all kinds of other groovy things to eat like corn dogs, Jell-o, whipped strawberry mousse, popsicles, and lots of ice cold lemonade.

It was a super party! Everybody was there, including someone new, Danny's friend Jason.

                                              (That's me in the big floppy hat!)

Let me clue you in about Jason. His mom and dad are divorced, and he takes turns living with them. When Jason's with his dad, he goes to our school and he's in the 5th grade .But Jason's mom lives outside of Springfield, and she teaches him at home. Then, right after St. Patrick's Day, she just up and took him away. No one knew where. Jason's dad was worried sick. Then right before the last day of school, he finally found them in a little town in Colorado, living with Jason's aunt. His dad had to go to court, and now Jason lives with him all the time, now. Only since he missed so much school, and his mom isn't really a teacher, he has to go all the way back to 4th grade, and his time in 5th grade isn't going to count. I feel bad about that. My mom says Jason's mom is very sick and it's a shame she did that to him. But I know Danny's happy because Jason and his dad bought a house 2 blocks away and now he'll actually have another boy in the neighborhood to play with!

Anyway, back to the party...we were all having a dynamite time, talking, eating, listening to music, and welcoming Jason back to Springfield.  Cheryl volunteered to fill up the inflatable pool up with the garden hose.

All right! Swim time! We all had our swim suits and towels. Some of us jumped in the water, and others sat around and rapped before they got in the pool.

I was having such an outta site time, I didn't want to come home! But at 5 p.m. I came home, wet, slightly sunburned, and dead tired.  I'm going to take a nap now, because tonight me and my mom and Kim and her family are going to Springfield Park to watch the fireworks.  I hope Independence Day is just as groovy in the future. It's one of the best things about summertime! Happy July 4th!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Dear Julie,
    In the future we still celebrate the 4th with picnics, pool parties, fireworks, parades, concerts and relaxing with friends and family. Some things never change. Thank goodness.

    1. Oh wow, that's groovy! I'm glad that didn't change.

  2. That looks like it was an amazing and fun 4th. Ours was pretty quite, but we did barbecue and watch fireworks. :)

    ~ Kiki

  3. That's some picnic! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

    when you have a spare moment, you've been nominated for the Beachy Blogger Award. Check it out here:

    Best wishes!

    1. We had a great time! Thanks Melody Q.

      *From Julie's doll mom:*

      Hi Xyra and Melody,

      Thanks for the nomination!

  4. Hi Julie! My name is Ella. Your 4th party sounded really fun! I love swimming! Question- has The Muppet Show debuted yet? It started in 1976. The Muppets are hilarious, I love the Spike Milligan episode.

    1. Hi Ella,

      I love to swim too. Muppets? You mean like those Sesame Street guys? No, we don't have that yet. Haha, it must be on in reruns in the future!

  5. Aww man! Your July 4th pool party looks like it was totally far out!! That pool is totally hip! Really digging it!

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