Sunday, July 27, 2014

Anyone for Sno-Cones?

Hello future readers!

Earlier this week, Susan and I were playing in front of my house. Susan was brushing up on her jacks, and I was playing with my click-clacks.

Click-clacks are a lot of fun. You move the string up and down to make the balls hit each other, and if you're really good, (I'm not), you can make them bounce up and down really hard so they hit each other top and bottom. They sound just like firecrackers. Stephanie can do it, though, but she always gets bruised arms.

Anyway,  We were just hanging out, when Raychel comes running up to us all excited..

She told us that April and Wendy were in front of their house selling sno-cones for 15 cents a piece!

That sounded outta site! I had just enough from my allowance for one sno-cone. Susan jumped up, put her jacks away, while Raychel was trying to hurry us up so we could go over to April and Wendy's house.

When we got there, the sisters were standing behind their picnic table with a Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine sitting on it!

I've been begging my mom for one of these things all year, but she wouldn't budge. She said making popsicles in the freezer with plastic cups, plastic spoons and Kool-Aid was good enough, and I didn't need a sno-cone machine. Why don't mothers understand these things?

Anyway, the girls were happy to see us. They told us their uncle had just bought them this sno-cone machine, and they couldn't wait to try it out. April was saving for a Michael Grey t-shirt, and Wendy wanted to buy some new outfits for her doll. Well this beat a lemonade stand by a mile, so we told them we'd buy some sno-cones!

Wendy got out the bag of ice, put some in the top and turned the crank in the back, while April got the little shovel to scrape the ice out of the blade cup in the middle.

There were 3 flavors, cherry, lemon and lime. I chose cherry, Raychel chose lime, and Susan picked lemon.

It was another pretty hot day, so that sno-cone tasted so good!

We paid the girls, and walked over to playground and sat on the bleachers to enjoy them! They were really good. We got to talking about how lucky April and Wendy were to have an uncle who gives them groovy presents when it's not even their birthday.

This got me to thinking...I could use some extra money. Maybe I could make a batch of my Kool-Aid  popsicles,  and sell them for a quarter a piece! Wouldn't that be far out? I could save enough money to buy myself something cool, maybe even a sno-cone machine!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. How fun! I love sno-cones!

  2. Really? It's good to know people still like sno-cones in the future!

  3. Sno-cones are still popular in the future! I wish I had one right now! ;)
    ~ Kiki

    1. Outta site! It's one of my favorite summer treats.

  4. Hi Julie! Great post! That sounds so fun and refreshing! I haven't thought about trying to earn money to buy something for myself, because I'm so lucky to have a mom-friend who buys everything I want for me. But I think that's a great idea, and you should go for it! I love homemade popsicles, especially ones made with orange juice. Love, your friend, Natalie Alexis.

    1. Hi Natalie!

      I get 50 cents a week allowance, and sometimes I buy candy or bubble cards, records, comic books, and sometimes mixes for my Easy-Bake Oven. The other stuff I want I have to ask my mom for, or raise the money myself. Sometimes I get money from my aunties and uncles for Christmas. But I've been thinking this week, and I think my mom is right. I can just make popsicles from Kool-Aid with plastics cups and spoons. The cups are bigger than sno-cone cups, and make super big popsicles. I'll save my money for something even more far out than a sno-cone machine.