Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saturday at Sam's Snack Shack

Hello future readers!

You know what I really love about summer in a small town like Springfield? I can do pretty much what I want, (well, not bad stuff, but why would I want to?), and go where I wanna go as long as I'm home in time for dinner. Our town is pretty safe because everybody knows everybody else, and none of the grown-ups are gonna let anything bad happen to us kids. So as long as I behave myself, do my chores, take care of my dog and eat all my vegetables, I can enjoy sweet "Mother Freedom". (that's a song by the group, "Bread").
Anyway, this past Saturday, it was pretty hot. Kim and I were at the playground, but all the equipment was so hot from the sun beating down on it, there really wasn't anything to do. So I suggested we go to Sam's Snack Shack for something cool. Kim thought that was a great idea. She still thinks it's kinda weird that our little town doesn't have McDonald's or Burger King. I've been to those places when I visit my aunties and uncles, but you know what? I still think Sam's is better! So Kim and I left the playground, and rode our bikes down to Sam's.

When we got there, Sunny was already there, sitting at a table, so she waved us over. Danny and Jason were there, too. Sam just got a new pinball machine, so the boys were taking turns trying to beat each others scores. I don't think they'll ever wanna leave! Y'know, with the jukebox and the pinball machine, this place is starting to remind me of  "Arnold's" on the TV show "Happy Days". All that's missing is The Fonz! (one of the coolest guys on television!) Kim ordered a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, and I ordered an extra large glass of Coke over ice because I was so thirsty. Sunny was drinking a creme soda float.

We were all having a pretty groovy time, talking, drinking, eating, and *ugh!* playing pinball. After a while, Sunny said she was tired of hearing all the ringing, bumping and dinging that darn machine was making, so she got up to put some money in the jukebox.

Outta site! She chose "Jive Talkin'" by The Bee Gees. I love that song. Kim kept tapping her spoon to the music and after a couple of minutes, got up to dance with Sunny.

Jason finally got tired of playing pinball, (I think Danny was beating him!),  and sat down at the table with me. I asked him how everything was going, and how was it living with his dad all time now. He says his dad's a really cool guy and that he really missed living in Springfield. He also said he didn't even mind that he was gonna have to repeat 4th grade again, because now he'd be in the same grade as Danny.

I hung out at Sam's until dinner time. It's a good thing I didn't have any ice-cream, because my mom was making lasagna tonight! Far out! I wonder if there are places like Sam's for kids to hang out in the future.  I think it would be sad if there weren't. A kid needs a place to relax and let it all hang out away from parents and teachers sometimes.

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. cool i love mcdnold

  2. I love the Bee Gees! Sunny and I would get along great.

    1. Sunny gets along with everybody. She's very popular. I'm kinda surprised that the Bee Gees are still popular in the future. Those guys must be really old!

    2. 2 out of 3 Bee Gees died, so they don't make music anymore, but people still listen.

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