Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rainy Day At Camp Falling Waters

Hello future readers!

When Vivienne and I woke up this morning, we saw that it was raining outside. Aw man! Vivienne told me not to worry, though. Laura always has something fun planned, even on rainy days. So we got dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast. Right before it was time to leave, Mrs. Walton says, "OK girls, go put on your galoshes and get your bumbershoots." Huh? I've heard the word galoshes before. That's another word for rain boots. But what in the heck was a bumbershoot? We must have looked confused, 'cos Mrs. Walton just laughed and told us that those were old-fashioned words for rain boots and umbrellas! Haha! She was just putting us on. I was glad Vivienne had extra rain gear for me to use.

When we got to day camp, we still had to have the Flag ceremony in the rain.We only had to do the Pledge,  I was happy that I already had my turn! When we went back back inside, I checked today's schedule.

Paper airplane race? That sounded interesting. I don't think I've ever made a paper airplane before. Luckily I got a little help from C.J. He's good at that kind of thing. We went out to the pavilion, where Laura had marked the ground for points where the airplanes would land. Kind of like a runway! Kevin kept bragging that his plane would go farther than all of our planes.  We all stood behind the line and we each had a turn to fly our planes.

C.J. went first. His plane landed on 30 points. Way to go, C.J.! Vivienne went next. Hers landed just past the 10 point line. Nice try, Vivienne.  Kevin tossed his plane and it landed on 20. So much for Mr. Big Shot! He should know better than to brag anyway. Then it was my turn. I looked at the lines for a minute, then I aimed my plane straight ahead and tossed it. It flew right over everyone else's plane and landed right between the 30 and the 40 point lines!

Outta site! I won! All the kids patted me on the back and slapped me some five. Kevin just mumbled "Good job, Julie." Laura handed me a trophy! Too much! Wait 'til my mom sees this!

Laura told us that since it was a rainy day, we could play some games in the Rec Hall until lunch, and then we could either watch a movie in the amphitheater or go roller skating in the pavilion. Far out! And I thought today was gonna be a bummer, just 'cos it was raining! Boy was I wrong!

Kevin and C.J. grabbed the basketball and went over to the hoop to play 21.

Betta was teaching me how to shoot pool. I'm not very good at it, but it was fun anyway.

After a while, Kevin and C.J. got tired of playing basketball, and came over to join us girls in the games. Kevin  and Evelyn played a game of indoor bowling.

                                                 Kevin got a strike!

                                    "Yay! nice going, Kevin!"

C.J. decided to help me and Vivienne do a jigsaw puzzle.

Marcie is really good at games. First she played Tic Tac Toe with Betta.

But that was too easy, so she played Connect 4 with Lydia.

But after she won 3 straight games, she went to play dominoes with Evelyn.

Playing games on a rainy day is really outta site! Especially if you're playing with good friends.

At 11:45, we cleaned up the games, washed our hands, and Lydia and I went to the Mess Hall to help set up for lunch.

After lunch, Laura gave us a choice of roller skating in the pavilion, or watching a film in the amphitheater.  They were gonna watch some cowboy movie. I knew Kevin and C.J. would dig that.  I don't really like cowboy movies, so I decided to go roller skating! So did Betta and Vivienne. All right! This day camp is so groovy that they even have skates for us to use! Far out! We took off our shoes, put on the skates and Laura played some really cool records!

                                     "Conga line!" Da da da da da DA!

Then Laura put on The Hokey Pokey! I haven't done that song since Kindergarten! Laura says it's a real challenge on skates.. My mom told me once that some skating rinks play this game, so we gave it a try!

 "You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out".  Laura was right, it wasn't so easy on skates!

                   "And that's what it's all about! Hokey Pokey!"

We were doing pretty good until we got up to the part about putting your whole self in....We crashed right into each other and landed in a pile on the floor!


Laura grabbed the first-aid kit and came to our rescue. None of us were really hurt, just banged up a little.

Laura asked us if we wanted to keep going. We jumped right up (well sorta) and yelled "OH YEAH!" She asked what song we wanted next, and Betta shouted "The Chicken Dance!"

"All right, you asked for it!" And we danced around with each other. We all skated in a circle for the chorus.

Laura said we were making her dizzy, *giggle*, but it was just so much fun!

Meanwhile in the amphitheater, the other kids were getting ready to watch  the movie.  Evelyn went to the Mess Hall and got Jiffy Pop and Hawaiian Punch for everyone who was gonna watch.

Later on, even the girls said they really liked this movie.

By the time we were done skating and the movie ended,  the sun had come out, (that figures), so we didn't have to get rained on when Marcie and Lydia lowered the flags. This was the most fun I've ever had on a rainy day in my life!  I was pretty tired from all that skating. I fell asleep in the car on the way back to Vivienne's house!  Tomorrow is gonna be an outta site day too, 'cos we're doing the overnight camp-out! I'm so excited! I love camp-outs and I can't wait to see what fun stuff we get to do!

Until tomorrow, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


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  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun on a rainy day, Julie. We really need rain where I live in the future, but I bet my rainy day won't be as fun as yours.


    1. I had a super time! And I'm learning that rainy days aren't so bad if you have a friend to share it with!

    2. Having a big family is also nice. With four sisters and five cousins close, I can always find someone to spend time with.

      Hope today was as good as yesterday. Can't wait to see what you did.


  3. Hi Julie,
    Even though Kevin picks on you, it is my guess that he likes you a lot. He wouldn't bother to pick on you if he didn't. Boys are kinda like that. I'm not very good at folding paper airplanes. Mine always seems to take a nose dive. Can you give us any tips?

    1. He likes me? Hmmmm...well does he have to like me so much? He's driving me crazy!And C.J. was a really big help when I made my plane. He told me to make the tip super pointy and it'll fly farther.

  4. Looks like an awesome day! I remember doing the Hokey Pokey many times when roller skating, it is hard! And my dad used to call umbrella's bumbershoots too.

    1. Oh you did the Hokey Pokey on skates too? Groovy! Did you crash on the last part? I think next time, we need to make the circle bigger! I think bumbershoot is a goofy word!

  5. I never heard the term,bumbershoots. I learned something new today! I always like to learn new things! I always liked to rollerskating. I still have my Roller Derby roller skates. My mother used to be in Roller Derby when I was in kindergarten or first grade. Man,could she skate. You sure had a lot packed into this day at camp. What fun!

  6. Your mom was in the Roller Derby? Wow! Stephanie's dad likes to watch that on television. I don't think I could ever skate that good.

  7. You have great counselors, they were ready with lots to do on a rainy day. Hey Julie don't worry too much about Kevin, boys sometimes bug girls they really like.

    1. Actually only 1 counselor, Laura, and she's pretty nice. I would never have thought I'd go roller skating in day camp! I guess I'm lucky that Danny, Jason and Kyle don't like me enough to pick on me or I'd go outta my mind!