Sunday, January 13, 2013

My street has gone to the dogs! (Hahahaha!)

Hello future readers, Now that the holidays are over, it's weird getting back to "normal". Kinda sad, too in a way. Today is Sunday, and one of my favorite things to do on Sunday afternoons is walk my puppy, Boomer. I've been so busy with my new friends and old friends, (Wendy), that I really haven't been paying him much attention lately. So he was really glad when he saw me get the leash off the hook in the kitchen. He barking and jumping around so much, I could hardly get it on him! I got my coat, and we started out.
We had just walked a little ways down the block when we ran into Danny and his dog Muttley.Boomer was glad to see his new friend. Danny said he never knew a dog was so much work! Muttley was always hungry, wanted to be walked all the time, and had the annoying habit of chewing up his mom's slippers! I told him sometimes taking care of Boomer can be a drag, but I wouldn't trade him for anything.
Danny and I walked on, talking about our dogs when we saw Lisa coming towards us. She said there wasn't much to do at her house, 'cos all the grown-ups were playing cards, so she thought she'd take a walk around the neighborhood. She was glad she ran into us!
It was getting cold (and nearly time for dinner), so we decided to head on home. Danny and Lisa walked a little more, but I was glad to get back to my warm house. I wonder if people still keep pets in the future. Do you have robot dogs? Or have all your pets died off like in Planet of the Apes, (one of Danny's favorite movies)? Even though he can be a pain sometimes, I really love my puppy, Boomer. I hope Danny gets used to taking care of his dog soon, so he'll know how groovy it is to own a dog. Until next time,future readers! Your friend, Julie Newman


  1. LOL! Yes, Julie, people still have pets in the future. Personally I have a bunny. And my dolls have a Husky named Koda.

    1. Oh that's good! I couldn't imagine life without pets. Now if I could only talk my mom into letting me bring our class hamster home for the weekend...Hmmmmm...

  2. Julie, we still have pets ,but there are some robot pets too. The robots are toys though. I think it would be hard to pet and walk a robot pet

  3. Wow, really? Robot toy dogs? Can they be trained to do the things normal dogs do? I'm still working on training Boomer. He's just so frisky and sometimes he doesn't mind me.