Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello future readers!

New Year's Eve was outta site! My mom said I could have a pajama party with my friends!This idea went over big with the girls, but Danny wasn't too keen on it. He wasn't sure he wanted to spend the night with a bunch of girls. We had to promise him we wouldn't do things like play with Barbies or beauty parlor, or drool over David Cassidy. He finally agreed. He even brought his new dog over. Danny used to live in an apartment in San Diego, and his dad said that once they moved into a house, he could get a dog. So he brought his new dog Muttley over to meet Boomer.

I was a little worried because Muttley is so much bigger than Boomer. But I didn't have a thing to worry about. After sniffing Muttley all over, Boomer started wrestling with Muttley and sat him! Who would've thought it!

I hollered at Boomer, but Danny just laughed. He said Muttley wouldn't have let Boomer do that if he didn't like him. We were glad they were going to get along.

Speaking of making friends, we made a new one this week. Another girl moved into the neighborhood. (Poor Danny, he's never gonna have another boy to play with!) Her name is Robyn. She looks a lot like my old friend Tracie who moved away. I invited her to the party so we could all get to know her. She seemed really nice.

Some of the girls brought board games to play. Danny brought his Planet Of The Apes action guys he got for Christmas.


Wendy asked me if she could take out my record player so we all could dance. We all thought that was a great idea! I let Robyn choose the records we danced to. She said she was having so much fun and she felt like we had all been friends for years!

We all danced until we were pooped out, even Danny! (and he's a pretty good dancer for a boy!) We even played Freeze for awhile. We were really grooving!


Then we all spread out blankets and pillows and camped out in front of my television. There was a Twilight Zone marathon on. That's a show we all like! I think our favorite episodes were "Talky Tina" and "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet". We ate popcorn and candy, and stayed up really late.

Everyone actually stayed awake until midnight! We watched Dick Clark drop the ball on his New Year's Party on TV, drank soda and blew horns. Right after that, we started falling asleep. April fell asleep first, and Muttley licked her face to make her wake up! It was a great party!

I wonder about New Year's Eve in the future. You guys probably have time machines so you don't measure time in years the same way we do. But I hope you all still have parties, and have fun with your friends. Maybe if you find my diary, you can travel back in time to hang out with me and my friends! It would be fun meeting someone from the future!


Until next time,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

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