Sunday, January 20, 2013

Over at Sunny's House

Hello future readers! Saturday afternoon I got a phone call from Sunny. She wanted to know if my mom was coming to the Tupperware party her mom was giving, and if I was coming along. Even if my mom hadn't already told me she was going, I knew she would be. My mom is the QUEEN of leftovers. She can make a chicken last a whole week! And because she is so good with leftovers, she uses a LOT of Tupperware! Just in case your food computers don't make enough for leftovers, let me clue you in. Tupperware is a company that makes plastic containers, cups, pitchers, bowls, party platters, even some toys! You can't buy them in stores, you have to go to one of these parties. Sunny was inviting me, Stephanie, and our new friend Robyn over to play in her room while the moms had their party downstairs.
I was glad Sunny invited me over. Ever since she moved here, I've only been to her house twice. It seems that she was always coming over here to play or we'd play outside. I'm not exactly sure why...I guess it just worked out that way. Anyway, my mom and I went over to Sunny's house at 6p.m. I was the first one there.
We talked for awhile, and then Stephanie and Robyn showed up.
Sunny got a new 8-track tape player for Christmas, and got 2 new tapes; "Dancing Machine" by The Jackson 5 and the new K.C. & The Sunshine Band album. 8-tracks are kinda like cassette tapes, only bigger. You don't rewind or fast foward them, but you push program buttons to hear what songs you want. Sunny was really excited to play her new tapes for us. So we got up and boogied!
Mrs. Albright ordered a pizza for us. We had to sit on the floor to eat it. Sunny's mom didn't want us eating on the bed. She was afraid we'd get sauce on the bedspread. So we drank sodas, and ate pizza, and talked about school, our favorite TV shows, and stuff like that.
After we ate, Sunny took out her Rock Flower dolls, and we pretended our dolls were spies, posing as fashion models trying to break up a crime wave. One of Sunny's favorite shows is "Police Woman" with Angie Dickinson. I think she's really pretty.
Pretty soon, it was time to go home. We thanked Sunny and Mrs. Albright for having us over. After we got home, Mom showed me what she bought. She bought 2 8-piece container sets in Harvest Gold and Avocado Green. (Our cupboards look like a rainbow exploded!) And she even bought something for me! A brand-new pitcher for my Kool-Aid, and 3 new cereal bowls! Outta site!
I went straight to the kitchen and made myself some Kool-Aid! And tomorrow before Sunday School, I'm gonna use one of my cereal bowls! It's been a great Saturday! Until next time, future readers! Your Friend, Julie Newman


  1. That is really groovy, Julie! So glad you had fun! And what is even more groovy, is that you and I have the same name! Outta site!

  2. Hi Julie. Guess what. I have the same Tupperware set as you have. Mine is the pitcher, four bowls, four square plates four cups, four glasses and a cake stand( but I can't find the bottom of the cake stand. It is 2016 now it proves Tupperware lasts a long time.

    1. Wow! That IS a long time! I wonder if anyone will bury Tupperware in a time capsule! *giggle*