Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wow, It's Almost Camp Time Again!

Hello future readers!

Wow, the summer's going by so fast! It's hard to believe that school will be starting in just one month! But it's August and that means it's almost time for camp! I remember last year it was so hard for me to pack. This year, I know what to expect, so it was much easier. I'm packed already! Anyway, this afternoon, I'm sitting around listening to my radio, when Kim comes up to my room.

She notices my camping gear at the foot of my bed, and then she gets this funny look on her face.

So I ask her what's wrong. She flops down on my beanbag chair, and tells me she's kinda nervous about going to camp.

 When she lived back east, Kim always spent her summers with her Aunt Cathy in upstate New York. This was the first summer she wasn't going  to see her Aunt Cathy, so her mom suggested she go to camp with the rest of us. Kim's never been to camp before. She was afraid she'd get eaten by a bear or something. She was nervous about being away from her mom and dad in a strange place so far from home. She's was also afraid the food was gonna be crummy. Sound familiar? (well, maybe except for the part about the bear)

 I told her I was scared about all of those same things last year, and that camp turned about to be one of my grooviest experiences ever! I told her about all the super things we get to do, swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, rafting, campfire time. And the letter that my mom got from the camp this year said that they added new activities, like horseback riding! I also told her that the food was great! Pizza, tacos, s'mores, gorp...yummy! She told me that she didn't want to sleep in a tent or cabin with a bunch of strange kids. I told her that the section of Camp Echo Hill we'd be staying in had all our friends. She'd know everyone, and wouldn't have to worry about being the new kid, (like Cheryl did last summer). Then I reached in my knapsack, and pulled out the camp t-shirt I got last year.

I could see when Kim saw my t-shirt that she was beginning to feel better about going to camp. I promised her that even if we weren't in the same cabin, we'd still see each other and do stuff together. I even promised to sit next to her on the bus when we left for camp this Friday.

Now that Kim was feeling better about all this camp stuff, we could play with my dolls.

I just know Kim will love Camp Echo Hill as much as I do.

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. I'm sure that helped Kim a lot. It's always a little scary doing something new and different.

    1. Yeah, but it's better when you can share it with a friend.