Sunday, October 12, 2014

A New Playground and a New Friend

Hello future readers,

So on Friday at school, we couldn't go out to play on the playground. Miss LaSalle told us it was because we were getting a new slide and see-saw, and the workman had to put them together. Far out! So on Saturday after the cartoons were over, a bunch of us went to the playground. Jennifer and I played on the new see-saw. It was so much fun!

Sunny and Susan were having a ball on the slide! We loved the new equipment!

 Danny and Jason just wanted to play on the old monkey bars.

We were all having so much fun, we didn't see the girl that came onto the playground and started bopping the tether ball around.

Sunny spotted her first and went over to talk to her. Jennifer and I were gonna play on the slide, but I came over to see who Sunny was talking to.

She told us her name was Shante' Crawford, she was 9-years-old, and her family just moved here from Michigan. Wow, what a pretty name. The other kids started coming over and we introduced them to Shante'.

Shante' told us that she'd be starting 4th grade in school on Monday, Outta site! I wonder who class she'll be in?

We did our best to help Shante' feel welcome, and we all took turns playing with her. Sunny played on the new see-saw with her.

Susan and I played a game of hopscotch with her, and she's even better than Susan!

Next, Jennifer and Shante' played on the slide.

And Danny and Jason played a little tether ball with her. She even beat Danny!

We all had a groovy time. I just love making new friends, I think Shante' is really gonna dig living here in Springfield. And wow, she gets to start school right before Halloween, just like Melody did last year. I wonder if she has a costume yet.? Maybe I'll offer to take her down to Woolworth to pick one out, if she doesn't have one. I can't wait til she meets the other kids at school on Monday. I'll bet they'll like her, too. And now even though she's the new kid, she'll have a bunch of friends already!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. That was so nice of everyone to play with her, I think she will fit right in! She's really cute.

    1. It was a groovy day. The kids in neighborhood are pretty cool, (even the boys, who can act a little goofy sometimes!).

  2. Julie,
    I heard a saying once that went, "To make a friend, you must be a friend."
    You and the others did a great job of welcoming Shante' into the community. Because of your hospitality, Shante's first day of school should be a good one. Well done!

  3. LOVE that you have Tetherball. That was something I always loved! I don't know that I ever learned the rules though. We just thought it was fun to whack it about. We pretty much did the same thing with badminton. I know there's a point to keeping score but we pretty much didn't and had a blast.

  4. Love your playground! It is so nice that everyone befriended Shante'. We must always be kind to others! Beloved, we must love one another!

  5. hey I have the same slide in the future you can have big toys in your back yard cool huh.

    1. Here in the 70s, some kids do have swing sets or monkey bars in their yards. I don't though. I'm just lucky the school playground is so close to my house, and as long as I let my mon know where I'm going, I can go play there whenever I want.