Sunday, October 19, 2014

Costume Shopping

Hello future readers!

Yesterday, Kim and I took Shante' to Woolworth to shop for our Halloween costumes. Since Woolworth has stores all over America, Shante' had been to one before. I think the one in Springfield is smaller than most of them, though. Anyway, when we got there, we saw Jason and Raychel shopping in the Halloween section.

When Shante' saw Raychel, she ran over to her to say hello. They sit together in Miss Johnson's class at school, and have gotten to be good friends. They looked at some of the costumes together.

Kim went over to check out the Trick-or-Treat pumpkins, while I went over to talk to Jason.

He was checking out the spooky Halloween records. Jason told me he was throwing a party on Halloween after Trick-or-Treat and would give all of us our invitations in school on Monday. Far out!  He needed sounds effects for a Halloween surprise he and Danny were cooking up. Oooh, I wonder what it could be? Just then I looked over at Shante', who sounded very excited. She found a costume she liked.....a gypsy. Outta site!

Kim was also happy. This was gonna be her first Halloween in Springfield, too, so she wanted to pick just the right costume. She found it....Snow White. That's perfect for Kim because she's really sweet.

I wanted to look around a bit more. I haven't really thought about what I was gonna be for Halloween. I thought just looking at the costumes would give me some ideas. I was Wonder Woman last year. Did I want another superhero costume? I really don't know much about superheroes, except for watching "Super Friends" on Saturday morning. Once I was at Danny's house, returning his flashlight, and he was watching the Batman show from the 60s.  That's one of the boys most favorite shows. My eyes wandered over to the television set and I caught a peek at Batgirl. Was she ever pretty, even in a mask. Hey! That was it! I could be Batgirl! I think Robyn dressed up as her last Halloween. I looked around and found the same costume! All right! When I turned around, I saw Jason was holding a Batman costume! We had a good laugh over that one!

It was pretty funny. We knew that if we both dressed at Batman and Batgirl, our parents would want to take lotsa pictures of us together. Parents are funny that way. *giggle* But I don't think either of us minded.

I also had to pick up some candy for the Trick-or-Treaters and a new wall hanging for our front door. It was fun shopping at Woolworth. I love the way they decorate for the holidays. And the store always smells like grilled cheese and caramel corn from the lunch counter in the back. Sometimes my mom and I eat lunch back there after we're done shopping. Shante' and Kim were done, so we paid for our stuff and went home to show our moms our costumes. I can't wait 'til it's Halloween!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Hi Julie,
    Was "Monster Mash" on Jason's record? It's my favorite Halloween song.

    1. Hi Fawn,

      I like that song, too. But the record I saw him looking at was "Chilling Thrilling Sounds Of the Haunted House" by Disneyland records. That one has sound effects on it. There was another record there with that song called "Monster Mash-Sounds Of Terror" by Pickwick Records. That one also has sound effects. The cover looks really scary!

  2. Ah, Woolworth and plastic Halloween masks. Those were good times.

  3. I used to have a pumpkin like those ones to carry my treats in, I wonder whatever happened to it. And when we went to Woolworth's or G.C. Murphy's to eat, I always had cottage cheese!

    1. Cottage cheese? Ugh! My mom sometimes eats that w/ pineapple chunks in it. I don't really like it. When my mom and I eat at Woolworth's lunch counter, I like to have a cheeseburger and a Coke, or a grilled cheese sandwich and a chocolate milk.

  4. I used to eat at Woolworth's with my grandmother. In the future, Snow White and Batman are still popular costumes.

    1. Cool! I'm glad kids still dress up in the future!