Monday, August 19, 2013

Go Jump In The Lake!

Hello future readers!

Today all of the campers, (except April, Wendy and Jennifer who went on a hike), went swimming in the lake. I've been swimming at the pool and the beach, but never a lake.  We all got our swimsuits and towels and met Kerry by the dining hall so she could explain the rules. (she does that a lot!).

She said no dunking, no pushing people off the platform, and if someone tells you not to splash them, listen to them. And most importantly, have fun! (That was a rule I could dig!).

We had lotsa fun! The lake was nice, but kinda slimy at the bottom when you're walking in! (yuck!) It's pretty cloudy, so you really can't see when you open your eyes underwater, (yep, I know how to do that!), so we had to be careful.  But careful doesn't mean it wasn't fun!

We played Shark Attack, Marco Polo, and raced each other to the platform and back again.  We had a ball!

After all that swimming we went to the dining hall for lunch. I was so hungry, I ate 3 slices of pizza! And the food here is dynamite! Raychel's brother must have gone to the wrong camp!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

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