Friday, August 23, 2013

Rest period

Hello future readers,

Here at Camp Echo Hill, we have to have rest period for one hour every day. Sometimes, it's a drag, because we'd rather be doing the things that makes camp fun, but other times, we really need it, because we're so busy doing all of these fun activities, we're wiped out! During rest period, it's the rule that we must stay on our bunks and actually rest. We can do quiet things, and we're really not supposed to be talking a lot. Since I brought my tape recorder, Kerry let's me play it low during rest period, as long as we don't sing, dance, or cause a 4-alarm ruckus!

Today during rest period, I'm coloring in my Partridge Family coloring book. I'm sure glad I brought  it with me along with my crayons. If I can't watch David Cassidy on TV this week, at least I can listen to him sing and color his dreamy face! *sigh*

Sunny borrowed Stephanie's copy of Dynamite magazine. Stephanie's lucky because she has a subscription, and doesn't have to wait for book order time at school to get one. Sunny really likes the Count Morbida Puzzle Pages and the Bummers page.

Cheryl is writing a letter to her folks. She says she's gonna tell them about all the great friends she's made and all the groovy stuff we're doing here at camp. I'm so glad she isn't nervous anymore about being the new kid.


After rest period, is free time today. Maybe we'll head over to the rec hall and play some games or something. That's all for now future readers.

Until next time,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Outta site! At my camp, we had rest hour, but we barely rested! We were allowed to read, talk quietly with each other, or play a game outside (but nothing with running). I hope you're enjoying camp!

  2. julie,
    So clever!I never thought of camp for dolls. Do you do guest posting?
    my email:

    1. you should try reading doll dairies. they have summer camp ideas

    2. *Note from Julie's doll mom:*

      There was no internet in the 70s. no internet, no Doll Diaries.