Sunday, August 11, 2013

Packing for camp!

Hello future readers!

Guess what? I get to go to camp this year! Camp Echo Hill! Usually during the summer, I go to day camp for a couple of weeks. But this year, I get to go to a real camp...y'know...where you go on a bus, sleep in a cabin with other girls, swim in the lake, have campfires and all of that. And I get to go for 2 whole weeks! And even better, all of my friends are going too! (Well, Danny will be at a boys' camp across the lake from us.) But we're all not gonna be in the same cabin. Mom says we'll get our cabin assignments once we're there. There's so much stuff to bring! I'll be packing for days!

Mom got me a new hat and a canteen for when I go on hikes. And Danny's letting me borrow his walkie-talkies, 'cos his friend Jason is bringing his own set to camp.

I gotta remember my hiking boots, and my groovy new sleeping bag. Oh! And my beach towel, too!

I wonder if I should bring my tape recorder?

I don't know if I should bring Ju-Ju or not...I don't want anyone to think I'm a baby who needs her doll.

I think Boomer knows something's up. He's been following me around all day long, licking me and whimpering.

Yknow...even though I'm really super excited, I'm a little nervous too. Even though I spend the night at my friend's houses sometimes, that's always been close to home. I've never gone away without my mom. And now I'm gonna be sleeping in a strange place, eating strange food, and missing my mom and my dog for 2 weeks. Not only that, there's no T.V. at camp! I'll miss all my favorite shows! But Mom says it's an adventure. She loved going to camp as a kid, and she knows I will too. She says I'll be way too busy to even think about television, or missing her and Boomer for that matter; swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, and maybe making new friends.

Man, I've been up here packing for about half an hour and it doesn't seem like I'm getting anywhere! I keep changing my mind about what else I need to bring! If I don't finish soon, my mom's gonna come up here to see what's keeping me, and then she'll pack for me, so I won't have any choice! So I better get cracking!

I'll be writing entries from camp so you all can see what it's like (in case no one goes to camp in the future, which would be weird!).

Until next time, (from camp!), future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Cool! We just went to Camp Doll Diaries!

  2. Awesome! Me and my sisters are all at camp doll diaries for the summer. Hope you have fun at camp! BTW, Julie, you should totally bring Ju-Ju! I brought my rag doll to camp, (she has no eyes!) my sister Ivy brought a mongolian doll, and Saige brought my old china doll rosie! Besides, what if your friends bring dolls! Then you can play dolls at camp!
    Chickadee's doll, Sierra