Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We're Off to Camp Echo Hill!

Hello future readers,

Well today's the day! This morning at 10 a.m., my mom walked with me to the Community Center to meet the bus that goes to camp. Even though we're both excited, we were a little sad too. Mom and I (and Boomer) are all the family we've got in Springfield. My mom's brothers and sisters live in New York City and Seattle. We've never been apart for 2 whole weeks. But hey, I'm 9-years-old, and even though I'll really miss my mom, I'm big enough to have adventures all by myself! When we got there, all my friends were waiting to go to camp. Some of the moms were crying, but none of my friends were. At 10:30 we all hugged and kissed our families good-bye and got on the buses. There were 2 buses going to Camp Echo Hill; me, Lisa, Sunny, Raychel, Stephanie and Susan were on one of them, while Robyn, Jennifer, Wendy and April were on the other one.

I was glad I brought my new Betty and Veronica comic book. It was going to be about an hour until we got there!

Sunny and Raychel were sitting behind me and Lisa. I heard Raychel say that her brother warned her that the food in camp is terrible! Oh no! What a drag!

But Susan and Stephanie were sitting behind them at the back of the bus, and Susan said that when her older sister went to Teen Queen Camp last year, that she liked the food. I wonder who I should believe?

I'll guess I'll find out for myself when we get there. We're headed towards to mountains now, and it's getting bumpier, so I'll have to stop writing now. I'll write more after the first day and tell you all about it!

Until then, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Groovy! The food at my camp was good (except the tomato soup!), so I wouldn't worry!

  2. I liked the food at camp. But not the drinks, of course, I've never been a fan of fruit punch.