Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Recreation Hall/Last Day Of Camp

Hello future readers,

During free time here at camp, we all really like the rec hall. It's right next to the dining hall, and has a lot of groovy things to do. It's almost like a community center, or a Boys and Girls Club, but camp style. Do you have those in the future?

Lisa and Robyn play "Hungry Hungry Hippos". It's a really fun game, but it's so noisy!

Wendy and Jennifer are playing a game of darts. Jennifer's pretty good at this game. She plays with her dad a lot at home.

Stephanie and Cheryl play a game of "Connect Four". This is a favorite game with all my friends. We really love the commercial when a brother and sister are playing together. She wins by connecting four diagonally, and the brother says, "Pretty sneaky, sis." Haha!

Raychel and I are playing Ping-Pong. She's beating the pants...umm...I mean shorts off of me! She's winning her second straight game! I curse the day her older brother Randy taught her how to play!

Susan, Sunny and April are in the "Cozy Corner" having a rap session. I wonder what they're talking about? Probably about the dynamite time we've all had here at Camp Echo Hill.

Well, future readers, this is my last entry about camp. This is our last day, and tomorrow we're back on the bus to Springfield. I'm really gonna miss camp. I've had such an outta site time and learned lotsa new things!

I'm really gonna miss Cheryl. She's the only one who's not going back to Springfield with the rest of us. We've become really good friends these past 2 weeks.

She says she can't give me her address and phone number, because her family is moving soon. So I give her my number and address, and make her pinky swear to write to me, and maybe call some time.

Camp has been a groove, but it'll be good to get back to my mom and Boomer, I've really missed them. But y'know, my mom was right. I've been so busy have such a good time, that even though I missed home, I wasn't homesick or anything.  So the next time you hear from me, future readers, I'll be back in good ole' Springfield.

Until then,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

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