Monday, August 17, 2015

Inter-Camp Olympics-Part 1: Cross Country Racing

Hello future readers!

Finally today was the start of inter-camp Olympic events! It's girls vs. boys, and Camp Echo Hill vs. Camp Wilderness! Sports usually isn't my scene, but this was different! Our reputations were on the line, here! Last summer, the girls proved they were as good (Ok, better than!), the boys in the raft race. This summer, we have 4 events: Cross Country Racing, Swimming and our field games, Tug Of War and Red Rover. Cross Country racing and Swimming were trophy events, the field games were medal events. Today it was Stephanie against Danny!

For this race, they had to run past the cabins and down the hiking trail, then circle around the big oak tree halfway down the trail and run back here by our camp sign. Since no one can see them as they run, they were both on the honor system. Kerry said since they both signed up to race, they both agree that neither of them is to push, shove, trip each other, or cheat in any way. Then Kerry yelled, "On your mark...get set...GO!

As they took off running, the girls yelled "Go Stephanie!", while the boys yelled, "Go Danny!" Then they both disappeared past the cabins.

After about 20 minutes, we saw them run past the Yellow Canaries cabin! It looked like Danny was ahead of Stephanie, but she was close behind him!

We heard Kerry shout, "And the winner is Danny Campbell from Camp Wilderness!" All the boys yelled like crazy! The girls clapped, but no one cheered. It was a weak start for our side. But I guess I was glad Danny won something, since his act with Jason didn't win at the talent show. I knew he was kinda bummed out about that.

Kerry gave Danny his trophy. You would have thought Danny won the real Olympics! He jumped up and down and yelled his head off! Man, it's a good thing, we didn't have any side bets, like last year. I wonder if the guys think they can win more events than us girls. Even though they know better than to say it to our faces, I bet they think they can! But we'll show'em! This isn't over yet! Tomorrow's event-Tug Of War!

Until then, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Plenty of events still to go, good luck to the girls! Congrats to Danny though, that's funny about how excited he got.

    1. Thanks Flo. Yeah, I'm happy for Danny too, even though I wish our side had won. I think since Danny has been around us girls so much, when it comes to sports, he always thinks he's got something to prove, like he's really still a boy or something. He's like that in gym class at school, or when we're playing kickball on the playground. He plays hard, sometimes acts like a sore loser, but even worse, acts like a sore winner!

  2. Good luck for tomorrow. Can't wait to see more pictures and hear all about it.

  3. Wow, that was a tight race! Congratulations Danny! Well done, Stephanie!

    1. Don't pat Danny on the back too much. His head is already so big he won't fit through any door anywhere ever again! *giggle*