Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Inter-Camp Olympics- Part 3: Swim Race

Hello future readers!

Today is the big swimming race between Kyle and Cheryl. I think it's pretty groovy that they're swimming against each other, because Cheryl is from San Clemente, and Kyle is from Laguna Beach, both beach towns in southern California. They're both super swimmers and I can't wait to see how this race turns out!

So Kerry laid down the rules. They weren't going to swim where the platform is, because it's kinda shallow and not good for racing. Both Cheryl and Kyle would dive off the pier, swim around the marker in the water (I think it's called a buoy), and swim back to the pier. The first one who touches the pier wins.

So Kerry yells, "On your mark, get set...GO!" Both Cheryl and Kyle dive off the pier and start swimming like crazy! (I wish I could dive, the most I can do is bellyflop! Ouch!)

At first, Cheryl was ahead of Kyle. Kyle can swim pretty fast, but Cheryl makes longer strokes with her arms.

Then Kyle caught up to her, and passed her (well, a little, he was just a few inches ahead), He was swimming really fast, but Cheryl was holding her own.

Now they were coming to the marker. Kyle was closer to it, and Cheryl  was catching up beside him. It looked like a really close race!

I could hear Danny, Jason and Kevin yelling from the pier, "Go Kyle! You can do it!"

 But Cheryl was catching up fast!

As they circled around the marker, I could see Cheryl was ahead of Kyle. Kyle looked like he was getting tired, but he kept on going. Cheryl kept swimming with those long strokes, and finally made it back to touch the pier ahead of Kyle!

Outta site! The girls win again!

Kerry presented Cheryl with the trophy. Kyle looked like he was ready to drop! He's good, but I guess Cheryl is a stronger swimmer!

Tomorrow is the last event. If the girls win one more time, we're the camp champs! If the boys win, we tie, which I guess wouldn't be too bad. It would prove to the boys once and for all that we're just as good at sports as they are! (But I'd still like to say that we're better at sports than they are!)

Tomorrow's last event...Red Rover!

Until then future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Great job Cheryl. Can't wait to see if it will be a tie or not. At least you can say girls are just as good as boys.
    Hope you are having lots of fun at camp.

    1. Camp has been a groove. Sadly it's almost over. I'll miss camp, but I think I miss my mom and Boomer more.

  2. YAY Cheryl!!! Way to show those boys. I'm looking forward to Red Rover, we played that all the time when I was a kid.

    1. Really? Red Rover is really fun, but I'm not in this event.

  3. Congrats to Cheryl and yay for the girls!!!!