Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Inter-Camp Olympics- Part 2: Tug Of War

Hello future readers!

Far out! Today is the next part of our camp Olympics! And guess what? I'm in this event! I signed up for this because the first time I came to camp, I was really good at Tug Of War, so I decided to see if I haven't lost my touch! Kim also signed up for this event. So it's the 2 of us against Kevin and Jason.

The rules are pretty easy. Each side pulls as hard as they can on the rope. The first side to pull the other side off their feet wins.

I heard Jason whisper to Kevin, "This will be an easy win." So I yelled, "Didn't you learn your lesson last summer, Jason? Don't think that just because you're boys means you're stronger than us!" So Kerry told us to pick up the rope. And then she yelled, "Ready...set...PULL!"

I'll admit those boys gave us a run for our money, but there was no way we were gonna make this easy for them. Kim and I pulled with all our might. My hands were getting pretty sore, but I didn't give up!

We must have been pulling for about 5 minutes, when I said to Kim to relax her hands a little. This made the boys think we were getting tired of pulling so hard, so they stopped pulling so hard. Then I yelled, "Yank it!", and with one good pull we had those boys on the ground! (OK we were there, too, but we did the pulling!)

All the girls cheered and shouted. When we got up, I said to Jason, "What was that about an easy win, Jason?" Ha! Won't he ever learn?

Kerry gave us our medals. "Congratulations to Julie Newman and Kim Pierce from Camp Echo Hill!" Dynamite! I got another medal! Not bad for someone who never won any medals in anything before this summer! I was really proud of myself! I can hardly wait to show them to my mom when camp is over!

I looked over at Jason, and he was shaking his head like he couldn't believe it. Kevin said that he lives in a house full of sisters, and never knew girls could be so strong! It just goes to show you, that you should never put down a girl, 'cos we'll come back and surprise you every time!

I gotta go to the infirmary now, and get some ointment for my hands! Ouch!

Tomorrow's event...swimming!

Until then, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Congratulations! Good for you for showing those boys that girls can do everything they can!

    1. Thanks Flo. I like Jason and he's an OK guy most of the time, but man, does he have a big mouth! But I guess I should thank him, because if he wasn't being such a turkey, we wouldn't have worked so hard to win! So thanks, Jason...you blabbermouth!

  2. Congrats, Julie! That was smart of you to trick the boys into thinking you were slowing down. You sure showed them!
    That's great about all your medals, too. What are you going to do with them when you get home?

    1. Thanks Sunny! I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with my medals. My mom will probably hang them up somewhere so people can see them. I guess we'll talk about it when I get home from camp.

  3. Go girls! Congratulations Julie.

  4. Thanks Melodie. Let's hear it for Women's Lib!

  5. Well done girls. Great strategy girls!

  6. Thanks Fawn! (sorry Kevin didn't win this one!)