Friday, August 22, 2014

Arts and Crafts: Making Sit-Upons

Hello future readers!

One of the new activities Camp Echo Hill is doing this summer are backpacking trips. Kerry told us each cabin gets a turn to hike to Pine Hollow, a special spot at the edge of the campgrounds. We get to sleep in tents, have a campfire, tell ghost's gonna be outta site. Today we went to the arts and crafts cabin to make "sit-upons" . Pine Hollow is surrounded by big pine trees and doesn't get a lot of sun, so the ground is cold and damp. We'll be sitting on the ground a lot, so we need to make these "sit-upons" to sit down on, so our pants will stay dry.

Kerry says there are lots of ways to make these, but we're gonna make ours using construction paper, magazines, ribbon, duct tape and heavy duty clear plastic. Kerry says we can put anything we want on them, as long as it has to do with nature. Cheryl and I are cutting out magazine pictures and gluing them on the construction paper. Then we're gonna put magazine pages in between the construction paper to give it padding.

Melody and Kim are finishing up their sit-upons by cutting the plastic to go on the outside. Then they put duct tape all around the sides and tape on a ribbon carrying strap.

All finished! They turned out pretty good, don'tcha think?

Here's the front of Melody and Kim's sit-upons. Melody's has lots of kittens, and Kim's has a big deer.
Here's what's on the back.

Here are mine and Cheryl's.

Cheryl put horses on hers, and I put Kermit the Frog jumping in a lake. HAHA!

 And here's the back of ours. I used ribbon to put my name on it. Isn't it groovy?

All together now...TA-DA!

I can't wait for the backpacking trip.

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Great idea, Julie! I didn't know duct tape existed in the 70s. Just wait until you grow up and see all the colors and patterns it comes in now.
    Your friend from the future,

    1. Wow, duct tape comes in colors and patterns in the future? That would be something to see! I wish they did now. When I was little, my mom used to put duct tape on my footie jammies when I wore holes in them. She had to put powder inside the feet so they wouldn't be sticky. And when I was in the second grade, she used duct tape to fix the buckle strap on my book bag (and drew happy faces on them), because money was kinda tight that year. Having colored duct tape would have been fun then!

  2. Too bad you didn't have any magazines with David Cassidy on them!

    1. Believe me, I looked! But we just had a bunch of National Geographics and Woman's Circle magazines.