Friday, August 15, 2014

On The Bus! (To Camp) That's Where We're Going!

Hello future readers!

Did you ever have the feeling you've been someplace before? That's how I felt this morning when me, my mom, Kim, and her mom Carla walked to the Springfield Community Center to meet the bus that goes to Camp Echo Hill. I can remember last year, feeling nervous and jittery about leaving my mom and Boomer for 2 weeks. Now, I'm nothing but really excited and happy! For Kim it was a different story. While I skipped a few feet ahead, Kim held her mom's hand, and she didn't look happy at all. I'd never seen her act this way. She wasn't even this nervous about starting school after she moved here from New York City. It was the whole idea of leaving her mom and dad for 2 weeks. I hope she isn't gonna be this mopey all through camp!

Anyway, after hugs and kisses, (and a few tears from Kim), were were on one of the 2 buses to camp. On the first bus was me and Kim, April, Wendy, Stephanie, Melody, Robyn and Cheryl.

On the second bus was Sunny, Susan, Raychel, Jennifer and Lisa.

Was it ever noisy! All of us were talking about the great time we had at camp last year, and all the stuff we wanted to do this year. But for the first 20 minutes of the bus ride, Kim just stared out the window. All of a sudden, Stephanie starts singing "Hey Bus Driver". In case you've never heard of it, this is a song that drives all bus drivers crazy!  It goes:
"Speed up a little bit, speed up a little bit,
Speed up a little bit, Hey Bus Driver!
Slow down a little bit, slow down a little bit,
Slow down a little bit, Hey Bus Driver!
(repeat over and over and over again!)
We were all singing at the top of our lungs, just having a groovy time. Our bus driver, Mr. Sanders, was really getting annoyed, but we kept singing.

I dunno what happened...if it was watching all of us act goofy while we were singing, or seeing how bugged Mr. Sanders was getting, but all of a sudden, Kim starts cracking up! Then she started singing louder than any one of us! I was so glad she was feeling better!

Mr. Sanders finally told us to knock if off, and if we were going to sing, it had to be a real camp song.  So I started singing our official camp song. It's to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and it goes like this:
**"Camp Echo Hill, so much fun, 
I am sad when the day is done.
Hiking and swimming, the fun never ends,
But I think the best part are all my friends.
Camp Echo Hill, so much fun,
I am sad when the day is done."**

After we sang it twice, Kim and Melody picked up on it, and started singing, too. Even Mr. Sanders joined in! We kept singing til the bus pulled up near the camp sign. Far out!

That's all for now, future readers. I'll write more after the first day, and every day til the end of camp.

Until next time,
Your friend,
Julie Newman

***with regards and thanks to Nina The Shark for writing such a groovy camp song!