Thursday, August 28, 2014

Three Finger Willy

Hello future readers,

Kerry passed out marshmallows, so we could toast them over the fire for S'Mores, while Danny opened up a chocolate bar, and began his story...(WARNING! This story is pretty scary, and if you don't like watching horror movies, you may wanna skip this entry! )

He told us that our camp used to be a logging camp, and lumberjacks cut down these huge pine trees. The strongest lumberjack in the camp was Willy Tyson. Folks said he could cut down 10 full grown pines in a day, all by himself. Well one year the lumberjacks had a contest to see who could cut down the biggest tree in the shortest time.

The lumberjacks trained for days, by cutting down lots of smaller trees. Well, on the day before the contest, another lumberjack, Willy's rival, Jack Andrews, picked out the tree he was going to chop down, and began to chop away at it, so he would have a head start on the other lumberjacks the next day. In other words, he was cheating. He chopped about halfway through the tree, and then put a wooden wedge in the split so the tree wouldn't fall.

Well, that night there was a terrible storm! The wind was so strong it pulled several small trees right up out of the ground, roots and all. And the tree that Jack cut was so weak that it swayed with the wind in the wrong direction And landed right on top of Willy's house!

He wife and baby son were killed instantly. The tree pretty much crushed the house. Giant branches broke the windows, and parts of the roof caved in. One branch jabbed Willy's eye out, while part of his hand was pinned under the trunk. The tree was too big to move, so Willy took out his pocket knife, and cut off 2 of his fingers so he could get out. He barely escaped with his life. The tree kept crushing the house until it was nothing but a pile of lumber. Willy went crazy and killed every lumberjack in the camp!

Now Willy lives in a cave on the edge of these woods. He's vowed to kill anyone who dares camp out here.. And on really windy nights, you can hear him stomping through the trees, screaming and crying and howling, trying to call to the souls of his lost family.

When Danny was done, he screamed really loud to show us. Cheryl got so scared, she dropped her S'More!

Seeing the scared look on Melody's face, Kerry asked us if we knew that was just a story, and that there's no such person as Three Finger Willy. We all nodded, but I don't know if we were all that sure. Anyway, Kim ate the last of the popcorn, and Kerry said we should all turn in now.

 We said goodnight to the boys, and got ready for bed.  When we were in our tent, Melody asked me whether I thought there was really a Three Finger Willy. I had to be honest...I really didn't know.

Later on,  we were all sleeping. Well almost all of us. Melody kept tossing and turning.

What we didn't know, was right at that time, Danny and Jason were up to something.

They were hiding near our campsite with a flashlight and a bag of stuff to scare us with!

Jason put on a disguise, while Danny played some music, recorded from a horror movie on a tape recorder.

Meanwhile, (I've always wanted to say that!) Melody asks me to be her bathroom buddy. (that means she wanted me to play look-out so she could squat in the bushes).

All of a sudden, something jumps out of the bushes, growling and screaming like a wild animal!

We screamed and ran back to our campsite and woke up Kerry. We told her Three Finger Willy was after us!

She crawled out of her sleeping bag and told us there was no such thing as Three Finger Willy.  We told her that we saw him over by the hiking trail.

Kim and Cheryl came out of their tent to see what all the noise was about. Kerry told them to stay and watch over the camp fire. Then Melody and I followed Kerry to the hiking trail.

When we got close to the hiking trail, we could hear laughing. We could hear Jason tell Danny that he shoulda seen our faces when we screamed. That turkey! So we caught up them, and Kerry really let them have it!

Kerry said that she'd tell their counselor, Doug, and they would lose their activities for a day.  Well, they deserve it for acting so creepy! She made them go back to their camp site, and said that they'd talk about it in the morning. Ooh, was Doug ever gonna be mad!

*Yawn*, I'm getting sleepy now.
Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Three Finger Willy would certainly scare me on a summer's night! Great disguise!

  2. Replies
    1. I don't think they'll be trying anything like that again!