Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fun and Games, Food and Friends On Our First Day Of Camp!

Hello future readers!

Wow,  it sure was a busy first day of camp this year! As we were pulling up to the camp sign, I saw Kerry waiting to meet us. I also saw 2 people I didn't plan on seeing...Danny and Jason! I couldn't believe it! Camp Echo Hill is a girls camp!

I knew the boys left for Camp Wilderness, (which is across the lake from our camp), a couple of days ago, so what were they doing here? We all jumped off the bus and everyone started talking at once! Kerry raised her hand for quiet and explained the boys were here to welcome us and they were gonna join us for some of our camp activities this year. Hey now, that's something different!

Actually we were all glad to see the boys. Even if they can be a pain sometimes, we were gonna miss them for the next couple of weeks.

Kerry told us we could unload our gear after we ate our lunch and got our cabin assignments. I was glad of that. I was so excited about starting camp today that I was up with the birds, and I hadn't eaten since early this morning! 

When we got to the dining hall there was hamburgers, corn on the cob and bug juice, (that's Kool-Aid), for lunch! Yummy! Kim and I got our food and sat down at a table with Sunny and Susan.

After a while, Kerry stood up and gave the welcoming speech and reminded us of all the rules. She also told us that our cabin assignments were posted on the wall behind her, and that we should head over to our cabins, drop off our stuff, and then come back to the field for game time with the guys.

Some of the other girls crowded around the list, but Kim and I finished our lunch and waited til they left.

When we finally checked the list, Kim was so excited! We were both in the same cabin, The Blue Jays! Right on!

So we got our gear off the bus, and joined Melody and Cheryl at our cabin. It was bigger than the Red Robins' cabin I was in last year, and closer to the bathrooms!

Melody and Cheryl already picked out their bunks, so Kim and I got the other one. Kim wanted the bottom bunk. That was good, 'cos I was gonna call dibs on the top!

We unrolled our sleeping bags on our bunks, and then stashed our knapsacks in the storage cabinet. We wanted to see what game the boys had set up on the field!

When we got to the field, Danny and Jason had filled up about 40 water balloons, and Kerry told us to choose partners for a water balloon toss! We had to toss a balloon back and forth to our partner without busting the balloon. Each pair got 5 balloons each. When you broke all 5, you were out of the game. The pair with balloons leftover after everyone else breaks their's, wins the game.

It was really fun! There were 2 groups playing and I was in the first group. Jennifer and Susan were the first ones out. Then Sunny and Raychel were out. It was just me and Danny, and Lisa and Jason.  We each had one balloon left.  I thought Danny and I might win, but he dropped our last balloon.

Darn....we were so close! Oh well, easy come, easy go. It was still fun, and the perfect game on a hot summer day. After the game, Danny and Jason went back across the lake to Camp Wilderness, and we all went back to our cabins for rest period. It was a groovy first day of camp. I think Kim really had fun. She hasn't mentioned missing her mom once since we got off the bus. I think she'll be OK, but I wonder how she'll feel tonight?

Until next time future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. I just went on a church retreat up in Big Bear and we played the same game, only with raw eggs! It was kinda gross when the egg cracked all over me. Glad you're having fun at camp, Julie!

    1. Ewwwwww! I'm glad we played with water balloons! Camp is really fun! Stay tuned for more!

  2. Water balloons are always fun! I'm glad Kim was in the same cabin with you, that probably helped her with the homesickness.

    1. Yeah, once she got into it, she really had a ball. But she still thought she was gonna get eaten by a bear! *rolls eyes*.