Monday, August 18, 2014

The Archery Lesson

Hello future readers!

Camp is really a groove! Remember I was wondering how Kim was gonna do sleeping away from home? Well, she did whimper a little, and she didn't want to be my bathroom buddy, because she swore she'd be eaten by a bear hiding in the bushes! I knew she had to go last night, but she held it until this morning! HAHAHA!

Anyway, one of the activities Camp Wilderness (the boys camp) has that we don't have is archery, so Kerry asked Danny and Jason if they wouldn't mind giving each cabin a lesson. Oh wow! The boys as teachers? I just hope they don't get swelled heads! It was the Blue Jays turn first, so we met the boys over near the hiking trail where they set up a target.

Danny had a bow and a bag of arrows on his back. I think he called it a quiver. He pulled one out and showed us how to properly load the arrow on the bow. Jason told us it was really important to stand clear of anyone shooting an arrow at the target, and to not pull the band on the bow too hard. You could see the concentration on Danny's face as he raised the bow and aimed at the target.

Bullseye! He hit the target dead center. I have to admit I was impressed. He asked who wanted to give it a try. No one said anything. I guess a bullseye is a tough act to follow, and no one wanted to look dumb. So I finally said I'd try it. Jason made the other girls stand back. Danny handed me an arrow from his quiver. My hands were sort of shaking as I lined up the arrow with the bow string. I pulled back, (it was harder than it looked!), and let it go.

It wasn't a bullseye, but at least I didn't miss the target and hit a tree! Danny said he thought that was really outta site for a first try. I smiled and asked who wanted to be next. Kim said she'd give it a try.

She accidentally shot the arrow as she was trying to line it up. It went almost straight up and came down on the target! Not the best way to shoot an arrow, but she hit the target. Kim apologized, and Danny was actually pretty cool about it. He didn't call her dumb, or told her she shoots like a girl (because she is one!), but told her she'd do better next time. Melody was next.

None of us were exactly sure how she managed that shot! Danny thinks she shot kinda cock-eyed and the edge of her arrow hit the target. But hey, she was close to a bullseye! Atta girl, Melody!  Ok, it was Cheryl's turn now.

Holy Toledo! She made a bullseye! Right on, Cheryl! All of us started cheering and patting her on the back.

Each of us took 2 more turns. I shot about the same. Melody and Kim did a lot better, and Cheryl almost made another bullseye! (it was really close!) Eat your heart out, Robin Hood! HAHAHA!

Until next time future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. We did archery in gym class for a few weeks, it was fun. Good job to all of you for giving it a try.

    1. Archery in gym class? Wow! I don't think any of the teachers at our school would want us shooting off arrows in the gym!

    2. It was in the fall and we were outdoors. But we used to bowl in the gym, we had special balls and pins, they bounced. It was funny if you hit them just right.