Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Challenge At The Lake

Hello future readers!

After our ride with Cherokee, some of us went down to the lake. Susan, Raychel and I went swimming.

Swimming is one of my favorite things about camp. The only part I don't like is walking into the lake with that slimy muck squishing in between my toes! YUCK! But it felt good to splash around and I like to watch Susan practice diving from the platform. She's a really good swimmer!

On the another part of the lake near the dock, Wendy had the raft out, and her sister April and Sunny were watching her, and waiting for their turn with the raft.

I was just getting out of the water to go get a drink, when I saw Danny and Jason walk over to the dock. They also had a turn to ride Cherokee, (since the boys camp doesn't have any horses, either). I decided to walk over and say hello. I didn't hear all of what they were saying, but this was the scene that was happening when I got close enough to  hear.

JASON: "Hey April, your sister handles a raft pretty good...for a girl."
DANNY: "Yeah, she's not bad."

SUNNY: "What do you mean, for a girl??"
APRIL: "My sister can paddle a raft just as good as any boy."
Now I'm on the scene.

JASON: "Everybody knows that boys are better, stronger and faster than girls."
ME: "You're just copying that from "The Six Million Dollar Man", Jason. (like on his t-shirt) "Girls can do anything boys can do. And you weren't pulling this "Boys Are Better" jive when you gave us that archery lesson."
APRIL: "Yeah, and I heard Cheryl even got a bullseye, just like you boys."
DANNY: "Well you gotta admit, boys are stronger than girls."
SUNNY: "I don't have to admit anything, Danny Campbell. And I think I better leave now before I'm tempted to show you how strong girls really are, and punch you both right in the nose!"
Wow, I don't think I've ever seen Sunny so mad! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Danny never acted this way before. I wonder if Jason has been brainwashing him?
DANNY: "Man, she didn't have to get so steamed."
JASON: "Yeah, we weren't trying to make anybody mad. All we did was tell the truth."
Just then Wendy walked up to us, and she heard enough to know what was going on.

WENDY: "Sunny has every right to get mad at you two turkeys! That was a really rotten thing to say! Who told you that boys were better than girls, anyway?"
JASON: "No one had to tell us, it's just a fact, that's all."
APRIL: "I suppose you think you can handle a raft better than Wendy, huh guys?"
DANNY:  "Are you kidding? No contest."
WENDY: "Why don't you put your money where your mouth is?"
JASON: "Now what's that supposed to mean?"
WENDY: "It means I challenge you chumps to a raft race."

ME: "Right on, Wendy!"
JASON: (laughing) "You gonna take us both on all by yourself?"
WENDY: "Don't be dumb, I'll ask one of the other girls to race with me."
DANNY: "I don't think it would be fair to embarrass you girls like that."
APRIL: "Sounds to me like they're chicken, Wendy."
JASON: "Who's chicken? We'll beat you girls anywhere, anytime, right Danny?"
DANNY: "Right Jason."
WENDY: "OK, you're on! Tomorrow right after free time."
JASON: "We'll be here."
ME: "What are the stakes?"
WENDY: "If we win, you boys have to bake cookies for all the girls in Camp Echo Hill."
JASON: And if we win, you have to bake cookies for all the guys at Camp Wilderness."
DANNY: "Its a bet!"
ME & APRIL: "YAY!!!"
JASON: "Get ready to warm up those ovens, girls, us guys get pretty hungry. Oh...and we like chocolate chip!"

WENDY: "Yeah? Well, we like double chocolate chips, with lots of milk!"

The boys walked off laughing. Was this for real? Danny's hung around us girls for so long, he knows better than to sound off like that. I think he was afraid of looking like a sissy in front of Jason. Well they both needed to be taught a lesson, and Wendy was just the one to do it. She's usually pretty quiet and sweet, but if you say the wrong thing to her, or hurt any of her friends, look out! She'll jump all over your with both feet. We had to call an emergency meeting at the rec hall. Now we needed to tell Kerry about this and see who was gonna help Wendy in the race.

I can't wait to find out what's gonna happen tomorrow!

Until next time, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Hi Julie,
    I'm glad to hear you are keeping Kerry "in the loop" as they say in 2014. The counselors will make sure you can have fun and stay safe.

  2. Yeah, Kerry was actually being the lifeguard near me, Susan and Raychel, and didn't hear the arguement. She's a big Women's Libber, so we knew she would wanna know what's happening.

  3. I'm like you, I don't like feeling that squishy stuff on the bottom of the lake, ew! Luckily we have two other lakes with mostly sand bottoms so they aren't quite as bad. I'm always afraid something might bite me.

    1. That doesn't bother me, but I think Raychel saw "Jaws" once, so...