Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Backpacking Trip

Hello future readers,

Well, today we hiked to Pine Hollow for our camp out. We were on the hiking trail singing goofy camp songs and digging the scenery. It was fun, but the hike was kinda long.

We were almost at the camp site, when we saw Jason and Danny coming towards us carrying fishing gear.

They told us their camp site was close to where we were camping out, and that they went fishing for their dinner.

They said they might stop over at our camp site later to see how we were doing. Well, we finally made it to where we were camping out and got set up.

Kim and Cheryl were in one tent, Melody and I were in the other. Kerry was gonna sleep out next to the fire so she could watch it during the night to keep small animals away. After we were all set up, it was time for dinner. It wasn't fish like the boys were having, (which we could smell cooking from where we were  *sigh* ), but hot dogs are good, too. And it was fun cooking them on sticks over the open fire.

We had cherry bug juice with our hot dogs. After that hike, I was so hungry, I ate two.

We were just finishing dinner, when Danny and Jason showed up.

They offered to tell us some ghost stories. Outta site! What's a camp out without ghost stories? I hope they know some good ones!

So they sat down and Danny told us the story of Three Finger Willy.

More to come, future readers!
Until next time, your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Mmmm, nothing better than hot dogs over an open fire.

    1. Yeah, I like hot dogs, but man did that fish smell good!