Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bridget Learns To Swim

Hello future readers!

Today some of us went to the lake for a swim. Even though Bridget got a super new swimsuit for camp, she was afraid to use it, 'cos she didn't know how to swim. Kim and I had to talk her into coming with us.

"Come on Bridget, please come with us. I promise I won't let you drown", I said to her.
"I dunno Julie", she said looking behind her off the end of the dock, "That water looks awfully deep."

"It's not that deep by the platform", I told her. "Learning to swim isn't so tough. I could teach you."

"Besides how much fun is it sitting on the sand watching everyone else has fun in the water?", Kim said. "You don't wanna be left out every time all of us go swimming. You'll have lots more fun if you could join us.  Please Bridget?"
"Oh, OK....but I still don't know about this."

So we all walked down to the lake together. Bridget was really scared. Kim and I held her hands as we went into the water. It only comes about up to your chest near the platform, and the gets deeper as you go further out. So we walked all the way to the platform and helped Bridget climb up on it and sit down. Wendy, April and Robyn were already there splashing around and having a ball.
"Watch me dive off into the water, Bridget", Kim said, and she jumped in.

"See? It's a cinch!" Kim called out as she floated past us.

"I can't do that, Julie!", Bridget whispered to me.
"Don't worry about it", I said. "Let's just sit here a while and watch the others."


Then I dove in and hung onto the edge of the platform.

"Come on in, Bridget. You can hold onto the platform and we can practice kicking out feet."
She whined a little, but Bridget slid off the end of the platform, held onto the side and I showed her how to kick her feet.

"See that's not so bad", I told her. "Now let's practice kicking on our backs. I'll hold you up."
"Are you sure about this?"
"The water is only chest deep, remember? If I lose my grip on you, just stand up."

"OK, back on our tummies again, only this time, hold onto my hands instead of the platform."
"But I'll go under!"
"No you won't. Just pretend I'm the platform and kick your feet like you did before."
I held onto Bridget's hands as she kicked her legs (really hard!), and the slowly I let go.

Her head went under for a minute. I held her hands again.
"Don't let go!" she screamed.
"I have to let go or you won't learn. This time when I let go paddle your arms. You can do it."
"No I can't!"
"Yes you can Bridget. I'm letting go now. Paddle!"
She went under again, and then came up paddling!
"I'm doing it!"
"YAY! Go Bridget!"

She swam around the platform a couple of times. I couldn't believe she learned so fast! She didn't even need a kickboard! I climbed back up on the platform. to watch her swim. Then April said, "Hey look at Bridget! She's floating on her back!"

Wow! She really was! Somehow she got turned over and was floating on her back!
"How does it feel, Bridget?" I called out.
"Outta site!" she called back. "I can really swim! Thanks Julie!"

I was super proud of her! Now Bridget won't be afraid to swim in the lake or go to the pool back home! Summers will never be the same for her! They'll be better! Go Bridget!

Until tomorrow, future readers,
Your friend,
Julie Newman


  1. Hi Julie,
    Learning to swim in a lake is good because the water never gets over your head in the cordon off area and the lifeguards watch everybody closely. Sometimes the hardest part of learning to swim is getting your face wet. You were such a good friends to encourage Bridget. She will always remember your kindness.
    Your future friend,

    1. Thanks Fawn.Bridget can't wait to tell her parents. She's so excited she wants to go back to the lake tomorrow!

  2. Hi Julie,
    Mom and Dad took me and Betta to Cowans Gap State Park last week and we got to swim in the lake. There were tiny baby fish swimming in the shallows near the beach. We tried to catch them, but they were so fast.
    Your BFF,

    1. Hi Vivienne!

      My uncle told me about those little fish when he went to Wisconsin. I'm not sure how I'd feel about fish swimming near my big funny feet!

      P.S. So do you have big funny feet now, too?

  3. That was nice of you to help her learn how to swim. Now she will have even more fun at camp!

    1. Hi Flo,

      Everyone is so proud of Bridget. Kerry even had Mrs. Bishop, or camp cook give her a special banana split with 3 scoops for dessert last night! (I got one too for teaching her!)

  4. That's great you were able to help Bridget. Xyra doesn't like to go under water so she never really got past beginner because she wouldn't dive, but she does swim pretty well. None of us mind going under. Funny, huh? We don't get to swim very often - no pool or lake nearby. But when friends ask us to theirs, we take full advantage of the outing! (giggles)